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Facebook’s Mobile Profile Will Soon Change

By: Chris LaFay on October 1, 2015

Yesterday, Facebook began to roll out some new changes to their mobile app. They are using select users in California and the UK to test out these new features and design elements. The idea behind these changes is to allow people to be who they really are on Facebook and it is emphasized through two main new features.

Profile Images

If you’re anything like me, I never change my profile picture. As of right now, I last updated it in July 2014. It’s been quite some time and Facebook wants to change that. Their goal is to get people to interact more with their own profile as currently a lot of users do not. One of the main features in this new release is the ability to shoot a short video as your profile picture. You can record it from your phone and it will loop as people view your profile. “Profile videos will let show a part of yourself you couldn’t before, and add a new dimension to your profile.”

Facebook GIF profile

They also are upping their game for the “regular-ole” static profile images as well. You can now create a temporary profile image to let people know you’ll be away from Facebook for a while or just to show off your #tbt for a single day. You can set an expiration date when you change your photo and your original one will come back on that day.

Facebook Mobile Profile Pic

Improved Landing Page

Now you have more control over what people see on the top of your profile page. First, you have expanded abilities to modify your profile image. Second, you can now change the visibility of the fields that show up at the top of your profile. Whether you want to show off where you work and your relationship status, or show you graduated from college in 2010, you can now do that. Right below that is a Featured Photos collage that displays five photos of your choosing and is visible to anyone who views your profile. However you do have full control over what is shown there.

Facebook Mobile Featured Photo


The layout changes make you more front-and-center on your own profile. They allow you to shine and your personality to be shown off much more than it could be before. Are these changes going to help keep Facebook in the limelight and help grow its popularity (as if it needs more users)? It probably will – the more they allow users to easily customize their page within certain parameters will definitely help keep people tied to their phone and to Facebook. They are focusing on areas that haven’t been focused on much recently – and thus those areas haven’t had much user engagement. By increasing the ease of making those modifications, now they should see an influx in the number of average user engagements by the time they roll these changes out across the board.


Source: Facebook’s Newsroom

Written By:

Chris LaFay

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