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The Fall of Internet Explorer

By: Chris LaFay on March 4, 2016

Browser March 2014 March 2015 December 2015
IE (all) 22.53% 17.88% 15.19%
Chrome 43.75% 49.07% 53.56%
Firefox 18.76% 16.81% 14.3%
Safari 9.92% 10.93% 9.93%
Opera 1.35% 1.62% 2.12%
Others 3.69% 3.69% 3.05%

Look at that table right there. Internet Explorer has slowly relinquished its market share and Chrome has taken over. To all you web developers out there, sit back and enjoy our victory (if you really want to relive our pain, Sitepoint has a great article to help you remember what IE6 was all about). As frontend developers, we are finally in a completely stress-free environment to code anything we ever wanted in HTML/CSS and get away with it cross-browser still have problems cross-browser, but no where near as bad as it used to be.

That’s not to say that Microsoft’s new browsing experience couldn’t take the world by storm and turn these numbers upside down – and who knows, it is definitely possible. Microsoft could actually build a fantastic internet product that is ahead of the game rather than trying to continually play catch up – and if it does, kudos to them. May the best browser win.

But for now, as web developers, let’s relax (as much as possible) in this moment where the web browsers are as close to a level playing field as they ever have been. We will always be playing “make it work for the version that was introduced 2 years ago” but at least we can have some peace that our struggle isn’t nearly as bad as it was 5-6 years ago.


Written By:

Chris LaFay

Chris founded CCC after trying to figure out how to have the work-life balance that everyone dreams of. Not only does he get to enjoy designing + implementing websites, he also gets to play with his dog, travel, enjoy family dinners, and keep up with baseball. Check back with Chris for articles on web design, user experience, and project case studies.