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Why Seasons Are Key to Content Strategy

By: Jessica Matthews on May 8, 2018

Updating your content more than once a month yields higher engagement.

Why should you update your website multiple times throughout the year.  Don’t you pay for a new design once and it’s done? Good design does have longevity, and evergreen content does anchor your marketing strategy. But ongoing publication should match customers’ patterns.  They aren’t “once and done.” In fact, seasonal spending is a huge economic driver: according to a 2014 survey, consumers spent $602.1 billion on winter holidays, $72.5 on back to school, and $19.9 on Mother’s Day.

Strategic content can take advantage of seasonal pivots.

For example, Rebekah runs an annual neighborhood fundraiser. Instead of focusing her content strategy on the single event weekend, we map her topics to “holidays” throughout the year. This leverages the impact of each time we touch her site. We plot updates to key site features, which signal seasonal transitions.

These content updates re-engage site visitors’ interest.  And when your content dovetails into what’s preoccupying your customers’ mind that month, you stay in step with their needs.  An October 2017 report prepared by a prestigious consumer research firm explains that people plan to spend on what they need–especially when approaching seasons, i.e. holidays.

Wrapping your content around decision-making moments keeps you oriented and relevant.

I love mapping (and multi-purposing) content so clients like Rebekah don’t have to wonder what to publish next. As the oldest of four siblings living across the country, I spend a lot of time planning ahead based on key occasions.  There are stronger bonds forged in moments of common transition, like the seasons or birthdays.  Some examples of “seasons” include:

  • Climate – traditional concepts of spring, summer, fall, winter
  • Weather – practical considerations like heat, cold, rain, wind
  • Life Events – birthday, graduation, wedding, baby shower, career change, retirement
  • Life Cycles – back to school, family vacation, holidays, new year resolutions
  • Holidays – religious, national, topical (ex. Earth Day), greeting card (ex. Administrators)

Look at the 365-day year as an opportunity to be involved in your customers’ lives, and suddenly, creating content in lock-step with their needs will bring mutual benefit.  You meet their needs and build consistent revenue.

Does your business rely on a single annual event? Would you like to see your customers active year-round?

Want strategy?

Connect so we can chat about your business! We can wrap your content around seasons that benefit both you and your customers!

Written By:

Jessica Matthews

Her love of entertaining people + being involved in her community make Jessica the perfect team member to talk to about CCC and everything else! Jessica likes to share her experiences with sales, communications, and marketing.