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Be More Productive This Month

By: Dawn Audano on June 1, 2018

There are only 24 hours in the day, and we all want to use them wisely. Here are a few articles from this week that can hopefully help make June your most productive month of 2018 so far!

7 tips to bring your productivity to the next level

I present you with your productivity primer. It has all best tips for getting yourself in gear. My favorite tip? 1-3-5 rule. This is not something I had heard of before, but it makes total sense. Instead of listing all your tasks for all time, narrow it down with one big one, three medium ones, and five smaller ones.

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Want to Take Better Notes? Ditch the Laptop for a Pen and Paper, Says Science

News flash: Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. When you have information coming in from Slack, email, and via phone the best thing you can do for yourself is to put it all in one place. May I suggest these wonderful planners from Moleskine? We have a couple of members on our team that rely on them!

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This well-known productivity advice is actually pretty bad

While it may seem like your day will work better with the most difficult task done at the beginning of the day, that may not be the best course of action. Recently, it’s been shown that building up momentum with easier tasks will help to prime the pump and make you feel overall like you had a more workday.

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Turn Your To-Do List Into A Ta-Da List

While to-do lists certainly can be effective, they can also be daunting. If you need a new twist on an old tactic, try a “Ta-Da List” where you can celebrate what you’ve done all day instead. It’s always easier to know where you’re going when you know where you’ve been.

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Headspace | Mini Meditation | Let Go of Stress

Mindfulness and meditation have become more popular in the work environment. Since it has been shown to improve morale and productivity, companies like Google, Apple, and Nike all have made it a part of their corporate culture.  So, I’ll leave you with this mini meditation to help you Let Go of Stress and breathe.


Written By:

Dawn Audano

They say nothing prepares you for kids, but Dawn has found her marketing + events background did a pretty good job. CCC gives her the time to work while being at home with two girls (and a demanding cat). She loves writing about work-life balance, time management, and creative problem solving.