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Metrics Help Clarify Your ROI

By: Jessica Matthews on June 19, 2018

Online tools record minute actions to build a big picture.

Reporters and tech companies are enamored with “big data.” The online universe records tiny actions, like clicks or scrolls. When accumulated, these tiny data points build a clear picture of user activity.  Understanding the order, magnitude, and repetition of activity helps businesses connect with their customers.

If you know activity patterns, you can anticipate.

Let’s take Diane, a local developer, as an example. To help her learn more about her potential pool of residents and buyers nearby, we created a loop to collect data.  First, we promoted Facebook ads targeting 24-35 year olds within 2 miles of the development.  These ads invited users to click thru to a unique landing page with info about Diane’s development.  On that landing page, we embedded a sign-up form to join her email list.

As a user completes the journey, data tools register each scroll, click, link, and submission.  Thanks to metrics on Facebook + her site, we can tell Diane who she’s emailing back: 52% females, who spent 3 mins reading her story on her landing page.  A secondary development launching in 2019 caught their eye more than other info on the landing page.  So, now, Diane can write compelling emails that present new info about that secondary development, including tips and community details that appeal to young women.

Satisfied anticipation builds value thru reciprocity.

Customers appreciate when businesses anticipate their needs. A hostess baking your favorite cookies before your dinner visit makes you feel important and connected to her. Similarly, a business answering a customer’s question before they ask makes them feel valued.  Human beings live with a rule of reciprocity, which means if they feel valued, they try to give that value back.  So for a business, valuing their customers means more money in their bank accounts.

Metrics help you measure the return on your investment

At Classic City Consulting, I love using data to help businesses connect with their clients. Now our client Diane can invest in content that convert her ideal clients. She knows that it take about $.39 to get someone on Facebook to click her landing page link.  Then, once they get to the page, about 5% of visitors will ask to stay in touch. Tracking how many touches it takes to get a paying client means Diane knows how much money she’ll get back for every $1 she spends on this particular marketing loop.

As an operations manager for retail, film production, and, now, website development, I know how to analyze large data sets + charts to close the loop for folks.

How can we help?

Do you want to get insights about your customers so you can anticipate their needs? Do you know someone who is involved with local civic groups and cares about understanding their communities' activity? Connect with us today to find out how we can build a loop that gives you momentum!

Written By:

Jessica Matthews

Her love of entertaining people + being involved in her community make Jessica the perfect team member to talk to about CCC and everything else! Jessica likes to share her experiences with sales, communications, and marketing.