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Building Relationships Through Problem Solving

By: Chris LaFay on April 25, 2019

Ensuring that our customers have a strong web presence means that every project and every website is tailored to fit that client’s needs.

There are a few evergreen rules that we have found that help us to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients. But, we can’t stop with you, our clients. We have to focus on YOUR customers and how to help you build and maintain a relationship with them.

We like to make sure your web presence is more than a brochure, we want your audience to be called to act.

Discovery + Problem Solving

You define your business by the solutions you provide.

We know websites and we love WordPress as a content management platform. Our clients need our knowledge of website design and development. They also need us to be able to teach them why WordPress with a web development team is a better option than a website building platform.

When we get new clients, it’s because their website needs help. Either there isn’t a website or the current site is flawed.

When we build a new functioning site that has clean code (so it works), thoughtful design (so its navigable), and improved SEO (so people can find the new site), our client and their end user are both benefiting from our expertise.

In order to do this, we talk with our clients about their current website. We get an idea of the website experience they want for their customers and compare it to the current situation.

By recognizing what doesn’t work, it’s a lot easier to identify a solution.

Relationship Building

Solving someone’s problem is not the end of the road. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Now it’s time to focus on the relationship and build to something long-lasting.


We have found that in-person meetings lead to the most productive and fulfilling conversations, but depending on your type of business, other follow-up is more appropriate.

One of the things you want to find out first is how you did overall.

  • Was the service up to par?
  • Was the product the quality they were looking for?

Sending a quick email asking these questions is a great way to get a lot of feedback quickly. You probably have received an email like this from an Amazon seller or another online retailer.

To incentivize people to respond you can provide coupons or free products in exchange for their feedback.


Encouraging product or service reviews will not only help new customers find you, it will allow people to feel more confident in your ability to solve their problem.

Some of the best people to contact for reviews are the same people that gave you direct feedback. While good reviews are preferred, negative reviews give you the opportunities to publicly address and resolve issues by replying on the review forum.

Fostering Repeat Business

Your best customers are the ones that already know and enjoy working with you. Repeat customers ensure the survival of your business, and repeat customers expand into new customers – ensuring the growth of your business.

To best take care of this relationship, go back to how you initiated the connection: a potential client had a problem and you held the solution.

Once we get clients online, they could be done with us, but we are proud of the work we do. Our name is on their site, so we like keeping it up through maintenance and hosting support for our clients.

Most people don’t need us every month, but when they do we are readily available for them, and we have the background needed to make quick work of their latest issue.


Client relationship building comes down to listening and being there for continued problem solving.

First, you listen to their specific problem and use your skillset to solve it. Then, you listen to their feedback and reviews of your work to improve your business and make it the best that it can be for the customers that you want. Lastly, walking with your client in their business to make sure that they are getting from you what you need and fostering a strong relationship. These three steps will help you ensure a long and successful business.

Written By:

Chris LaFay

Chris founded CCC after trying to figure out how to have the work-life balance that everyone dreams of. Not only does he get to enjoy designing + implementing websites, he also gets to play with his dog, travel, enjoy family dinners, and keep up with baseball. Check back with Chris for articles on web design, user experience, and project case studies.