2019 Web Design Trends

Website design is always evolving. While industry trends are common, there are a lot of trends that apply to different types of businesses. These more versatile trends are exciting because the UX is familiar to your customers and they make your business feel fresh.

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your site without doing a complete overhaul, here are a few ideas to consider when brainstorming your revamp.

Animated Hero Images

Most websites you encounter have some form of animation. There are a lot of natural ways to use animation, such as hover effects and page transitions, but blending the natural with the user’s goals is an important balance to make because overdoing it on the effects can make your website feel like a middle school PowerPoint presentation circa 1997. (You know the one, where every page had a different transition and sound effect).

For using animation, decide what you are trying to accomplish. There are usually three main reason to use animation

  1. To indicate a state change, like a hover over effect on a button.
  2. To reveal something on the site. The flying biscuit used animation to reveal their full site menu.
  3. To emphasize an action that the user should take. On the Mellow Mushroom site, a site visitor knows to scroll down for more information because of the blinking arrow above the fold.

This is a great way that content first design can benefit your website. If you decide what content you want to highlight the effects needed to do so will come naturally.

via Flying Biscuit Cafe


via Mellow Mushroom

Bright Colors

Being that living Coral is the Pantone color of the year, it’s pretty clear that vibrant color palettes are in. Changing up your color scheme is an easy way to give your website a fresh look without a full overhaul. Think through the colors you want and even use tools like Coolors.co to be thoughtful in your color choices by finding colors that work together in gradient but also add pop.

To be really bold, this is the year to embrace lime green, gold, and neon purples.

If you want to get ahead of the curve for next year, Pantone is showing deeper tones of a more Earthy nature. This may not be the next trend, but we will see what comes at the start of next year.

via King of Pops

Unique Font Pairing

There are a number of different trends when it comes to typography, but the one that I really enjoy is unique font pairings. Selecting a unique and contrasting typeface to highlight key words and slogans throughout your website, you are emphasizing the key takeaways and making those ideas memorable.

There are some best practices when selecting fonts to pair that you should remember.

  1. Make sure the fonts have the same x-height so that visually it doesn’t mess up your layout.
  2. Choose complimentary fonts. This doesn’t mean they need to look alike, but they should convey the same mood or personality.

If you don’t know where to start, Canva has put together a great list of traditional font pairings.

via Atlanta Tri Club

via Whole Dog Market


Design is about YOU: Your business & Your brand. Trends this year are designed to stand out and accentuate key elements of a website. Select trends that fit your brand best. If you are using any of these elements, make sure you design with intentionality by focusing on what works best with your brands and what your customers have come to expect from you and your website.

A few things to remember, if you are using animation, make sure it is not overdone, but does assist with guiding visitors around you website. If you are using bright and bold colors, make sure they compliment your brand. You don’t need to completely change your brand identity to give your site some excitement. Lastly, when using multiple typefaces, select ones that are a similar size, but allow for contrast.

Design trends come and go, so many sure you are on the lookout for what’s up and coming so that your site always looks like it’s on the cutting edge!