Customer Success

Josh Tiensivu

Josh Tiensivu brings rigorous critical thinking to each role and relationship, strengthening its nucleus to stand the tests of our ever-changing cultural and economic environment. Built on hospitality, his content connects dissimilar spaces, translating the heart of each side's experience into legible documentation and copy. When not in office, Josh continues to enjoy the connection and camaraderie of recreational sports.

Best Small Business Website Examples

The best website for your small business can be a challenge to envision. Every small business has different needs, which should be reflected in their web presence. When we audit or design a website for a client, we are always thinking about what their goals are and what success looks like for them. Below are […]

The Best Website For Small Business

Over the next couple of months, Classic City will be offering our insights about how to create the best website for small business. Small business owners face a never-ending list of decisions and challenges, so our hope is to demystify some of the more common questions and concerns that come our way. Our goal for […]

CEO Chris LaFay Appears on Dooder Podcast

Classic City’s CEO, Chris LaFay sat down with Natalie Shahmri, founder of Dooder and host of The Amplified Agency Podcast, to talk about how Chris has evolved from a freelancer to an agency owner over the years–and what lessons he’s learned from that journey, which he calls a “Great ride.” Their conversation offers valuable insights […]