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Building a Website in 30 Days

When you need a website, you probably wanted it up and running last week! Using website builders like Squarespace and Wix are perfect for certain businesses, but before you decide if it’s right for yours here are some things to consider. In this post, I’m going to give you an overview of how to prepare […]

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Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Business

Remember the phrase “There’s an app for that”? In WordPress, it might as well be there’s a plugin for that. With more than 50,000 plugins to assist with everything from social media to spam blockers, it’s easier now than ever customized your site with just a quick click and download. But, with so many options, […]

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Is Shopify Right For Your Ecommerce Store?

As far as e-commerce platforms go, Shopify is easy to use, cost-effective, and (somewhat) SEO friendly. All things considered, users get great value out of Shopify themes, widgets, and cross-channel capabilities. However, Shopify does leave something to be desired for some more code-savvy online retailers. Decide if this tool is right for your e-commerce store by […]

Human Connection: Video Content

Adding video to your content marketing strategy is one of the most popular trends today.  By providing a way for customers to see and hear you, videos are ideal for adding humanity to your brand. They also allow you to tap into something that is inherently true: Business is between people. The other day, I […]

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Getting Started with MailChimp

Email marketing has been in used for 40 years now and is one of the best ways to engage with your customers, convert sales, and promote your brand. If your current email marketing strategy consists of sending an email to everyone in your address book a mass email, we are here to help you step up […]

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Designing a Stand-Out Email

Here is your go-to guide when you are ready to design your first email in MailChimp. Why MailChimp? We love MailChimp. It’s a great application that allows for different email marketing possibilities. One of the main selling features is that it has so many design options. Reasons you want to send email Identifying the why […]

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About CTAs

Calls-to-action (or CTAs for short) are useful tools for creating engaging websites. In order to understand how to place them properly to get the most effective results, we first need to answer the obvious question… What is a CTA? A call to action is a defined area of your site that prompts a user to […]

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Beginner’s Guide to the Drip Campaign

Harnessing the power of drip campaigns allows you to reach a customer at the moment they want to engage with your brand. The right time to communicate with your audience is the mystery that all marketers try to solve, but automated emails can take away some of the guessing. What is a drip campaign? Drip […]

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Content-First Design Methodology

There are a lot of websites out there that look fantastic – there’s no question about that.  With so many options, how do companies take a potential customer from “I’m just looking around” to “This company understands me – and I want to buy.”  The difference between having a simple “brochure website” and one that […]