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Common Fixes

  • Outdated design
  • Lack of access
  • Clunky functions


  • Trendy features
  • Turnover documentation
  • Clean code

Defining Your Problem

Amy and Paige came to us desperate for some help.  They were nurturing a growing wedding and event business on a working pecan farm—which had been in the family almost 100 years.

Their website was more of an obstacle than a promotional tool, with a clunky Content Management System (CMS) that didn’t play nicely with their slow rural internet connection + ate up too much time in editing steps.  Consequently, their site was rarely updated with the gorgeous professional photos they got every weekend.  The Fritz Farm online looked nothing like The Fritz Farm in real-life.

To attract destination weddings, touring musicians, and corporate team building, they needed a site that could publish content efficiently + connect seamlessly with third-party platforms, like ticketing services.  To expand their business, they decided to invest in a custom designed website.

Finding a Solution

We sat down with Amy and Paige to learn exactly how and when their business made its money. We built a timeline that synced with their seasonal cash flow, and we caught red flags that triggered immediate action.

Their current webmaster was going out of business, and their current site was built non-transferrable: they couldn’t take it with them + their URL would return a 404 error in less than 30 days when the webmaster’s servers shut down.

Located off an interstate in rural Georgia, The Fritz Farm depended on its online presence to bring visitors from across the region. The more important features included:

  • a place to list their events + sell tickets
  • photo galleries to showcase the venue features
  • contact forms to collect interest + book brides

As a team, we decided on a 2-phase implementation, so The Fritz Farm could immediately start their own bookings before their webmaster went under and also take time to articulate a design that had the staying power of their family’s farm.

Implementing the Solution

In Phase 1, our team salvaged copies of all of The Fritz Farm’s beautiful images from their old site. (Without confidence that their in-office backups had copies, it was crucial to harvest as much content as possible from the site’s servers.) The same designers turned around and uploaded select image assets to a new Square Space site as a placeholder to keep money coming in the doors during Phase 2.

With detailed interviews, thorough mock-ups with revisions, plus private staging demonstrations before the site went live, our team created a Word Press site that put The Fritz Farm’s values front + center. Working an elegant property with rich history, Amy and Paige are excited to be part of starting new stories for couples, companies, and communities alike. We created an immersive design, like a collection of favorite Polaroid snapshots, welcoming guests to become part of the family.

After the launch of the custom site to replace the out-of-the-box ticketing page, The Fritz Farm saw an increase in bookings + collected dozens of favorable reviews from brides + guests. Their off-season events garnered excellent turnout, and their online image is capturing the bustling and beautiful scenes.

Now, Amy and Paige maintain their own event calendar + photo galleries, and Classic City Consulting keeps their site fast and secure. As The Fritz Farm expands its digital footprint into the social media scene, more collaboration is incubating off screen in 2018.

Classic City Consulting custom quotes

They are great communicators, they give a plan and stick to it, and there are very few delays unless there are delays on our side. From a project management perspective, they provided us with a clear-cut idea of what we could expect from the beginning, the cost, features, and cost of add-ons. They met every single one of those project deadlines and layouts, and we came in at the budget which they told us we would come in at. From a business and design side, they are perfect.
Amy Williams - Co-Owner

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