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The sheer size and quantity of technological solutions floating around the internet is like an iceberg that could sink your ship. Breaking apart the pieces into useful workflows: that’s what will keep you afloat. With deep knowledge of how platforms are developed + of how people are empowered, we construct effective operations to keep your business moving forward. For ongoing operations like data collection, posting, updates, security checks, and more, if it’s not easy, it won’t happen. We can make it happen.


The DIY movement in tech empowered entrepreneurs tremendously…but until someone invents a Make More Time Machine, it will still take a village to get everything done. We’re here to lend some structure, automation, code, and general camaraderie to overloaded sole proprietors + corner-shop companies. With a bevy of tested-and-tried platforms in our toolkit, we can boost forward in protocols.

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Velociteach - JIRA Logo - Velociteach Consulting
For a project management training company, it was essential to accurately migrate their internal processes to their new Jira project management platform with no data loss, timely turnaround, and team clarity
In Grace Ministries - MailChimp Logo - Content Marketing
For a nonprofit with too few hands and too many tasks, we used API connections + custom templates to make their weekly blog blast automatic from Wordpress to MailChimp's email marketing platform to their audience’s inbox
JFK Slot Hits - PayPal Logo - Ecommerce Solutions
For a hobbyist online retail store that needed their commerce shop to integrate with the PayPal payment processing platform we helped set up + integrate their account as a new business with a new website, no purchase history
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Chris and the team have been very responsive, make the effort to understand our customer and business needs, have a structured approach to managing work flow, and they communicate exceptionally well. Great experience – highly recommend!

Bill Yates


Speed + security are the unspoken elements every visitor expects your site to provide, no questions asked. We zero in on details like image resolution, page load times, version compatibility, encryption certificates, and even the daily buzz in tech news to make sure your user experience is seamless across devices + safe across connections. From monthly check-ins to installation overhauls, we’re there.

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Independent Electrical Contractors Atlanta - WordPress Logo - Web Development and Design
A local industry association accumulated dozens of upgrades for their WordPress content management system and needed clearance that didn’t shut down their site operations with plugin incompatibilities
Rayfield Tree Care - Google Logo - Website Design and Development
A certified arborist and tree care company discovered their website had been redirected for over several years to their unethical host company’s subdomain, and we helped them retrieve the site and regain Google search engine ranking
The Fritz Farm - Squarespace Logo - Website Design and Development
An event venue needed a landing page + ticketing integration for their upcoming calendar while their custom site was in development so we deployed a Squarespace wysiwyg site
Classic City Consulting custom quotes

We recently contracted with Classic City Consulting to give our web site a fresh look and to be compatible with today’s mobility. The end results are a great web site that is generating more calls into our business. The owner and staff at Classic City are friendly and awesome to work with. I highly recommend this company! Thanks Guys!

Donna Rayfield


There’s no more frustrating time-suck than an internet rabbit hole. That’s why we equip you with training videos that are recorded on your site, so you don’t have to chase down web dev answers by yourself online. We’ll teach you everything we know—and when you don’t have the time to make the site changes you want by yourself, we’re happy to move the tasks from your plate to ours.

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Atlanta Pet Hospice - YouTube Logo - Web Design and Content Management
An in-home veterinarian keeping tabs on his site content + refreshing pages with new info looked for easy tutorial videos on specific tasks so we created screencasts uploaded privately to the YouTube video social platform
In Grace Ministries - Skype Logo - Consulting, Marketing and Web Development
A multi-state organization needed support for on boarding new employees, including configuration of email client settings, office product installations, and more—which we coached them thru using the Skype communications platform
Atlanta Communities - Starbucks Logo - Application Development and Software
A real estate brokerage created a PDF publishing tool for their agents to customize their promotional brochures, and we equipped their in-house designer with directory-level training on managing the server files, on a secure personal network face-to-face at a Starbucks coffee shop no less!
Classic City Consulting custom quotes

My business has used Classic City Consulting for a number of different tasks and I have been blown away each time. Chris and his team are experts in getting things done in a cost effective and professional manner. Without hesitation I would recommend utilizing their services.

Marlon Rhine