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The search + newsfeed algorithms that serve as gatekeepers in our global village are partial to fresh content. Blogs, videos, podcasts, posts, photos—you can publish your story in dozens of mediums! But managing the three-way conversation among content, crawl bots, and humans, that gets tricky, quickly. As developers, we have an intricate understanding of how your brand conversation gets cycled thru the Inter Webs. These parameters juice up creativity—the bedrock of profitability.


Online design changes rapidly, and it’s easy to let company self-care (i.e. branding) fall behind as you prioritize your client’s needs. But your key asset is the reputation + perception you build with your audience—both inside your cubicles and out in public spaces. We take time to get to know you so every font choice, color pick, and action button we build for you successfully reflects your culture. Across all devices.

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T. J. Anthony Law Firm - Logo, Branding and Business Cards
A prestigious international lawyer known for his dapper bowtie, infinite courtesy, and sharp advisement for global investors
Edmonson Law Firm - Logo, Branding and Website Design
A legal team with a catchy acronym who seals the deal for injury negotiations, providing professional solace for clients intimidated by settlement paperwork
Advanced Wellness - brand narrative + messaging guide • site design [pending]
A private chiropractic practice with comprehensive holistic healthcare offerings, including lab work + herbal remedies, needed narrative clarification to reach new audiences
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I worked closely with the Classic City team to clarify my firm’s brand and establish its market presence through the team’s design and execution of an eye-catching and evocative logo and website, along with distinctive and classy letterhead stationery and business cards. They are creative, well organized, detail-oriented, responsive, honest and reasonably priced. They are a pleasure to work with, and their output is exceptionally good.

T. J. Anthony

Content Marketing

In the Information Age, it can feel overwhelming to add your voice to the mix. But fresh content is a key component of successful search engine ranking, organic lead generation, and stable client engagement. Our development team collaborates with preferred partners to architect strategic publication that keeps your site alive. And we like to double-dip, creatively repurposing evergreen topics to lessen your load.

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Southern Girl Threads - SEO, social media guide and strategy
A solopreneur embroidery shop had hundreds of fantastic photos but needed a strategy + a little how-to for tackling social media publication
Nexus Pain Center - Website Design, WordPress and Photography
A new pain clinic opened to stiff competition from a super-size hospital: the doctor’s jovial personality became his key brand asset in the site design + content, including an on-site photo shoot to keep him front and center, even in background header pix
In Grace Ministries - Website Design, Social Media, SEM
A non-profit working to inspire their audience with frequent shareable posts commissioned original "picture quotes," capturing + anchoring their message in a single image
Classic City Consulting custom quotes

We have worked closely with Classic City for several years and every request we ever made of them was quickly met, and pleasantly. They’re a great team to collaborate with! We couldn’t have managed our business without their creative and innovative ideas for website designing and management. We are grateful for the services they have provided for us!

Mary Jo Castro