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Local life is now online. Our mission is to expand your business’ digital imprint, so you can make a lasting impact on the communities you serve.

We want to be the premier webmaster for 120 of Atlanta’s leading businesses in 2018.

We’re not here to just download templates and update plugins. We’ve assembled an active, creative task force to unlock the technical power of your greatest asset: your digital imprint. Your website is a living document that works as your 24/7 sales rep, all-access office, and data mining machine. It deserves robust design and maintenance—and, of course, a dash of magic.

Our goal is to bring value to your bottom line. Through effective design, empowering education, and assuming direct responsibility, we want your team to be free to focus on what you do best. We partner with your business for the long haul. We learn your daily operations, inside-and-out, so we can draft digital tools that feed your sales funnel and make meaningful connections.

"Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”* Especially business. Every day your business impacts the communities you serve—in real time and space. Life’s intersections may be increasingly measured in clicks and emojis, but behind every data point is a real decision and maybe even a smile. And we want to be there with you, making it happen.

We Serve Your Business With...


We tell you what we’re doing, and we do what we’re saying. Being upfront about costs, options, and roadblocks is an essential engine in our collaboration with clients. We want you to have all the data you need to make the best decision for your business to move forward. We care about your bottom line, not just ours.


Our results should exceed DIY outcomes. We’re dedicated to staying on the front line of our expertise—and selecting the most effective techniques for your unique situation. We’re invested in your excitement: show your site to clients, your colleagues, and, yes, even Grandma.


We give out our cell numbers. We post our faces online. We meet for coffee. We share our screens. We notate invoices with task memos. We install admin access for owners. We live by metrics + analytics. We don’t hide behind code: we’ll tell you more than you wanted to know.


We care about the people at each end of the screen: your team + your target audience. Copy-and-paste doesn’t make for a great relationship, so we build from the ground up. Approaching every step with curiosity + creativity, we listen closely: let’s transform your pain points into rocket platforms.

We Serve the Community With...

The Give 5 Program

We are super-conscious that no company is an island, and we are committed to investing in the people around us. It can be hard to do that sitting behind a computer all day, so we’re encouraging our employees to leave their offices to find projects they care about. Classic City Consulting has commissioned our work force to spend 5% of their clocked hours in service of others. Through pro-bono work, nonprofit discounts, and volunteer responsibilities, we will give away more than 200 hours by the close of 2018. Follow all the fun on our blog!

A Sampling of the Festivities

creating a social media volunteer program + video promo spots for a neighborhood 5K that attracts 1700 runners, raising $100Ks in funds for the local elementary school

giving crucial customer feedback during product pitches by up-and-coming entrepreneurs enrolled in a micro-financing program that has awarded seed funding to more than 60 promising local start-ups

serving as “judges” in a middle school entrepreneur elective track “Shark Tank” where 100s of students present their own original business plans to over a variety of 25 local business owners

presenting social media awareness programs to parents at local high schools who are looking for a way to protect and engage their family within technology’s fast-paced environment