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Because we value being transparent and honest with our clients, we decided to break the norm for web dev companies and post our pricing online.  It’s a bit scary, because a “consulting” business usually explains its value in lengthy “sales” calls or meetings. But we believe our work can stand on its own, and at the end of day, our clients’ comfort matters more than our own.

By Request


Per Hour



We work by the hour, so we make sure it’s time well spent. Before drafting a project proposal, we investigate details like: what your business offers, how your business makes its money, who makes the decisions + does the marketing work, and how your business prospects and lands its sales. Our job is to support your business’ money-making activities. Getting our arms around the operations means we can brainstorm creative solutions that actually push the cart forward not drag you down.



We take your business vision + modus operandi back to our team and determine how we can best support those goals. We produce an itemized proposal that explains our suggested solutions and spells out the hourly estimates for each step. After reviewing the proposal with you, we can make adjustments to tailor the plan to your specifications. You’ll walk away with a list of deliverables you can expect from us and the estimated investment start-to-finish. When you’re ready to move forward, we will send you an hourly rate agreement to seal the deal.



Once we receive a fully executed hourly rate agreement, we start working. A kick off conference call will orient you to our team + get the designers up to speed on your stylistic taste. Through a successive round of weekly email updates; biweekly QA calls; and email approvals, we progress thru the proposal project plan. As we go, we keep detailed time entries + task memos. You have control to start / stop at any point with a simple email. We will depend on written approval before we clock any time, so there will never be any surprises on your invoice.



It’s simple: all the hours you’ve approved for us to work in a given month (ex. January) are billed on the first of the following month (February).  You’ll get an email from QuickBooks (our secure accounting software of choice) with a downloadable PDF invoice, itemized by task and hour.  We include any relevant memo notes, and you have 15 days from delivery to reach out and clarify any questions that pop up. When satisfied, pay online with our convenient QB link, or drop us a check in the mail.  We are still like kids at the holidays when the mailman has something for our box.