Podcast by Chris LaFay

Faith-Driven Consulting

A podcast to amplify the voices of consulting professionals who are thriving at the intersection of faith and business. Let's schedule our intro.


FDC is focused on the central idea that faith-driven business and marketing consultants have a huge opportunity to positively impact the lives of business leaders who in turn will have an exponential impact on their internal and external stakeholders. Consultants rooted in the fundamental leadership teachings of Jesus help their clients lead with integrity, influence, servant hearts, and a balance between conviction and compassion. We want to get at the root of what makes a faith-driven consultant successful and why. What are their stories? Who and what shaped them along the way? How can we pass that torch to the next generation of faith-driven consultants to serve God’s Kingdom through a solid foundation of principled business practices?

Let’s Tell Your Story   


We’ll connect for about 30 minutes and talk through the topics you want to share with the audience. Once we wrap up, I’ll send over the show notes, as well as highlights from things you said during our call. You can use this as a guide for when we record.


Within a week of our initial session, we’ll get the actual recording time booked. We’ll schedule a 45-minute block to make sure we have enough time, but we will only be recording for about 20-30 minutes.


A few days before the podcast launches, you’ll get all the information you need to publicize your episode. I’ll tell you the specific day/time that it will go live on our podcast feed so you can post about it on your social media channels.


Let’s Get Something Scheduled

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