Brandon Green

A passionate entrepreneur that needed a website that would grow with his new venture.


Brandon Green is a real estate entrepreneur that needed to move his business onto a website platform that best represented his brand.



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👉🏻 WordPress


Limited Website Builder Site

His first website was built in Wix but he had outgrown the start-up functionality that it offered. He needed a website that would great a user experience that was engaging and motivating.


Flexible Website

We worked with Brandon and his team to create custom elements on his WordPress site that are unique and

Brandon Green

Thank you so much for your hard work on the new website. I’m pleased to see it all come together and go live. I know this one was a lot of work, more than any of us anticipated I think, and I appreciate you sticking with it!

Unique Challenge

Blog Importing

For long-time bloggers, moving your website can be as stressful as a transatlantic move. Brandon Green's old site had 90 blogs with featured images and text that needed to be migrated over. We were able to scrape the content from the old site and get them formatted to match the new site.


Dynamic Custom Site

We worked closely with Brandon and his team to make sure that the final product was not only a website that represented him now but also in the future.

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