Caleb Panter

Launching a personal brand site that feels personal and delivers clarity


Caleb Panter is a solo entrepreneur who needed to launch his personal brand website. How could we capture some of his personality while, at the same time, connecting with potential clients and providing an online experience that compels people to contact him.



👉🏻 Client Engagement Strategy
👉🏻 Content Writing
👉🏻 Development
👉🏻 Web Design


Lack of Web Presence

Caleb was looking for a simple website that could serve as the foundation of his personal brand for the future. We needed a trusted partner to help him develop the right combination of visuals and words to communicate effectively about who he is and what he offers.


Website that Embodies his Personal Brand

We went through a discovery process to understand Caleb's unique personality as well as his unique approach to coaching and personal development. The result is a website that incorporated a minimal design approach with photos of Caleb, a few handwritten elements, and clear descriptions of his services and how to contact him.

Unique Challenge

Finding the Perfect Balance

There was a progression to how we figured out the right combination of images and words to communicate Caleb’s personality and services. He wasn’t clear on many of those things at the beginning, so we discovered them as we went along.

team members discussing website design and online marketing


A Website that Stands Out

Caleb’s dream of launching his personal website has been realized. He feels confident and ready to grow his consulting practice.

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