Ongoing Work / Development

Since 2014, The Home Depot has relied on external development support to add features and maintain their Garden Club blog.

  • Handle weekly content migrations to ensure posts are published before weekly marketing email blasts
  • Educate writers on how to categorize, tag, and schedule their publications
  • Created new taxonomies within WordPress to allow for articles to be divided into Regions
  • Integrated global The Home Depot header/footer JS and kept it up to date when new releases rolled out
  • Successfully migrated the site from Rackspace to a managed WPEngine environment
  • Connected with API to provide localized, weather-based content on the homepage

Renee Valdes


Our team within Home Depot works with Classic City Consulting and Chris LaFay, in particular. Chris developed one of our content platforms and to this day (many years later) helps us manage and troubleshoot any issues. To say Chris is an expert just doesn't cut it. He's definitely THE expert with a capital THE. Chris doesn't just troubleshoot any and all problems we encounter, he solves them quickly and accurately. Chris is detail-oriented, thorough and accurate with everything he does. I highly recommend Classic City Consulting and Chris LaFay.