Inteleca delivers both IT products and consulting


Inteleca needed a website refresh badly. They are a tech company, working with IT professionals, but their website did not reflect their tech expertise.



👉🏻 Design
👉🏻 WordPress development


Revitalizing Content and Design

Their previous site had poor content organization as well as a dated and lack-luster design.


Tech-Forward Transformation

The updated Inteleca site effectively communicates a tech-forward organization both visually and through the intuitive navigation structure.

Unique Challenge

Streamlining Collaboration for Success

Inteleca's internal team often had difficulty working together to make decisions throughout the process. We guided their team through the process and helped them to reach compromises that allowed each team member to be heard while keeping organizational values and website usability as primary filters for decision-making.


Enhanced Site: Client Feedback Success

Their refreshed site has already produced multiple comments from previous and prospective clients as a more accurate and effective representation of who they are as a company.

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