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Liger needed an updated website that accurately reflected the high quality of their branding and marketing services.



👉🏻 Design
👉🏻 Development


Outdated User Experience

The previous Liger site's user experience was dated and internally-focused. It's fun, informal vibe was great for attracting new team members but didn't communicate well to their target audience of marketing executives for enterprise-level organizations.


Elevated Web Presence

Classic partnered with Liger to design and implement a website that effectively communicates the high-end quality of both strategy and service Liger delivers to its clients.

Unique Challenge

Refreshing Liger's Web Presence.

Liger had recently updated its brand guidelines and the website was one of the first pieces to be implemented with the new look and feel. They wanted to maintain some of the creative, fun vibe from their current site, but deliver it in a professional way that would connect with executive-level prospective clients. Not only that, but Liger had some significant marketing opportunities that drove a very tight timeline for the project. We collaborated with Liger to align their timeline with the scope of the launch of the site to deliver on time.


New Site, New Clients

They are excited about the design and functionality in the new site and are using it to attract new potential clients. Not only that, but we're working with them on enhancements to make the site even better in the future.

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