Make It Love It

An active blogger with a slow website that was hard to update.


Our partner, House of Ideas, has been working with Ashley on her blog's performance, but there was a lot of work needed to get the elements and features that she wanted and give her audience an experience that was positive.



👉🏻 Web Design
👉🏻 Web Development
👉🏻 WordPress


Difficult Backend

This website was built on an outdated template that was not designed for her blogging needs. In an effort to make it work, she found a number of plugins that allowed her to the functions and features necessary, but also slowed down the site's performance


User-centered Design

We worked with her to talk through the experience that she wanted her users to have so that we could design and build a custom template based in Gutenberg. Additionally, so that the backend was easily to navigate, we created custom blocks that automated her workflow and made it easier to update.

Unique Challenge

Ad Placement

Having ads on a site is very profitable, but can be a challenge to predict when designing the site since they are ever changing.


Improved SEO

With the site built for the the purpose of blogging, we were able to work with the SEO company and make sure that Google rankings weren't affected. The changes to the site improved the user experience and improved the page speed with will overtime improve search engine rankings.

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