Pizza Tomorrow

A brand new pizza industry trade show is looking to make a big impact on an underserved sector of the expo marketplace. The Pizza Tomorrow Expo seeks to be more family-friendly and require a website that demonstrates to their audience that they are different from their counterpart—and more fun!


This was the first year for the Pizza Tomorrow Summit and they wanted to stand out. They needed a website to inform and promote their new event.



👉🏻 Web Design
👉🏻 Web Development
👉🏻 WordPress


Differentiating from Competition

They have a single main competitor who currently dominates the market and whose branding is "all business." To achieve The Pizza Tomorrow Summit's goals, has to be a recognizably different brand while promoting pizza industry leaders and targeting a wider, more family-focused audience.


Recognizable Branding

We use a high-contrast theme that allows their pizza imagery and brand colors (red/orange/green) to stand out amongst competitors.

Unique Challenge

Tight turnaround

Their in-house marketing team worked on content and design, but required a quick turnaround from us once items were approved approved. We worked closely with them to be able to anticipate and complete requests within their short timeline. We continued this workflow throughout the project and were able to create and launch landing pages along with the core website.


Stand-out Website

Pizza Tomorrow loved how the website felt different from competition, but still familiar and inviting.

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