Understand Your Stakeholders

Audience Analysis

We can help you identify your audience to create a stronger message for your brand. Gain a full understanding of who cares about what you do and how to better serve them.

Knowing Your Audience

It starts with identifying all three types of stakeholders. Primary, secondary, and tertiary. We’ll help you survey these stakeholders so you know the best way to get your message to them.

  • Primary
    This is who your content is built for. They are the people you are delibrately trying to reach so they take action. They are the customer at the restaurant looking for a great meal.
  • Secondary
    These are people who are interested in your message, because they are involved with primary audience or are interested in the content for another purpose. For the restaurant, this the staff and perhaps potential new hires. People who will likely want to see your content to help the primary audience
  • Tertiary
    This third audience consumes content for evaluation purposes. In our example, it is the city blog writer who searches the restaurants menu to do a write up .

The better you know them, the better they can know you.

Find out your audience expectations so you can exceed them.

We will survey, interview, and take a deep dive with your audience to better understand how you can best serve them. It all starts with a conversation with you and what information you already have about your audience. We will identify the variables that mean the most to your brand and offer solutions to strengthen your connection with the audience.


Knowing how many people you are reaching is the first step. We’ll start collecting data so we can see who you are already reaching.

Average Spend

This can be a dollar amount, time spent with your content, or a bit of both. How your audience currently interacts with your business will help define where improvements can be made.


You might have a great average spend, but is your audience coming back for a second helping? Ideally, you want to not just broaden your audience, but keep your existing one coming back for more.