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Our Story

Classic City Consulting founder and CEO Chris LaFay has been in web design since he was 10 years-old. Since back when you had to buy books to find out how to do stuff on the internet. It was a baseball-themed website he built in six months—after needling his mom for a “how to” guide at a local fair.

The next year, his older brother—majoring in business at the time and eager to turn theory into practice—started a small graphic design company. Chris worked at the firm throughout high school and college, steadily transitioning from grunt to designer, until he graduated from the University of Georgia in December of 2011 with a degree in Management Information Systems.

After years in a family shop, Chris’ introduction to corporate culture was a cold splash in the face. His first job after college showed him where he didn’t want to be: running haggard with no control over client care, frustrated by sloppy team performance, and working long hours without a rewarding client relationship to make it all feel worth it.

Our Core Values

  1. We are a healthy company with a positive work-life balance.
  2. We respect our clients by doing our due diligence.
  3. We build something together with people we care about.
  4. We do an exemplary job and still live life fully.
  5. We have fun in our work ... even when we sweat the details.
Our Mission

So, Chris followed his brother’s lead and built his own company: Classic City Consulting. Founded on values perfectly attuned to building an enjoyable life — complete with breathing room for life’s inevitable dose of chaos and satisfaction from meaningful collaboration within local communities — Classic City Consulting had no trouble recruiting both clients and contractors.

By 2015, Chris’ cell was blowing up with client referrals, and he needed full-time partners to transition from solo-preneur to small business. Chris pulled Jessica Matthews in from her longtime customer service + operations experience to serve as COO: they’re practically siblings, close friends since ages 4 and 7.

Jessica brought with her Jonathan Reibsome, a graphic designer and animator (in short, her partner in crime as editor-in-chief for the college paper), to serve as Design Director. Next came Dawn Audano, a communications guru (and Jessica’s dependable back-office comrade from the largest film festival in Hotlanta), to serve as Executive Assistant.

Together, they catapulted Classic City Consulting past critical mass into a new future as a leading Atlanta development firm. With creative + technical synergy, they connect deeply with each client to deliver creative web solutions the simple way: with integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence.

Doing excellent work for your brand doesn’t have to be complicated. Or so trendy its obscure. Or so abstract its impossible to manage in-house after the project is done. It’s simply a matter of reliability and a good old-fashioned work ethic.

It’s why Chris named his company after what locals call Athens, GA, home to his alma mater: Classic City.

With 21st-century Millennial freshness and timeless class, the websites they make are more than glorified business cards on mobile devices: they build effective interactions that keep cities and their communities expanding their root systems and reaching for what’s biggest and brightest.

Picture of Classic City Consulting's CEO / Owner Chris LaFay

CEO / Owner

Chris LaFay

  • Holds a degree in Management Information Systems
  • Worked at Apogee + SolTech + Cox Communications
  • Specializes in full-stack development
  • Contributing speaker at University of GA’s New Media Institute
  • Does Shark Tank judging for middle school program because, he likes giving back
  • Obsessed with MLB + tracks the stats
  • Keeps regular Sunday dinner dates with his in-laws
  • Plays guitar semi-regularly…and regrets having no callouses
Picture of Classic City Consulting's Chief Operating Officer Jessica Matthews

Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Matthews

  • Holds a degree in Writing, Publication, & Film
  • Worked at Buckhead Uniforms + Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
  • Specializes in client relationship development
  • Nominated to hold multiple Officer Roles in members-only Power Core Team
  • Regularly workshops resumes + personal branding for job searchers, it’s fun
  • Entertains guests in her home 3-4 evenings each week
  • Obsessed with Podcasts + hates running
  • Keeps a wall-sized, color-coded calendar in the kitchen
  • Plays piano regularly…and only washes her grandmother’s china by hand
Picture of Classic City Consulting's Director for Design & Development Jonathan Reibsome

Director for Design & Development

Jonathan Reibsome

  • Holds a degree in Interpersonal and Public Communication
  • Worked for Hollister + Abercrombie & Fitch, 7 States + 14 Locations
  • Specializes in brand imaging, color design, + social media influence
  • Actively trying to eat at every pizza restaurant in King County; 19 and counting
  • Obsessed with Spotfiy playlists & Pine trees
  • Cello and violin enthusiast
  • Favorite day is Leg Day
  • Meditates regularly…and washes the same dish for everything
Picture of Classic City Consulting's Executive Assistant Dawn Audano

Executive Assistant

Dawn Audano

  • Holds a degree in Marketing
  • Worked at Zoo Atlanta + The Wylde Center Community Garden
  • Specializes in research + codification, digital archive management
  • Volunteers regularly at local preschool because, it’s fun to help
  • Moms 2 adorable little girls
  • Crochets, crafts, colors & cooks like a fiend
  • Moleskine planner & Harry Potter fan, in that order
  • Keeps 1-second videos + line-a-day journal (4 years running)
  • Meditates regularly…and washes dishes by hand