We love what we do and have fun doing it.

That's how we draft killer websites and empower businesses to reach next level efficiency and success. Rather than creating a business the conventional way, Classic City Consulting dares to build a brand that values people not just the bottom line.

Whether we're building a custom site, refreshing online content, streamlining service delivery processes or facilitating staff training, our team collectively brings our "A" game to every project, for every client, every time.
and deliver... EVERYTIME!

Chris LaFay

Founder & CEO

Classic City Consulting founder Chris LaFay has been web-designing since he was 10 years-old. No kidding. It was a baseball website he built in six months after needling his mom to buy a how-to web designing book at a book fair.

The next year, his older brother, a business major at the time and, eager to turn theory into practice, started a small graphic design business. Chris, who started out doing grunt work, grew the business throughout high school and college until he graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens in December of 2011.

Chris’ introduction to corporate culture was a cold splash in the face. His first job after college showed him where he didn’t want to be. So, he built a company and team who line up with those fundamental values that drive Classic City Consulting:


We are a healthy company with a positive work-life balance.

We respect our clients by doing our due diligence.

We build something together with people we care about.

We do an exemplary job and still live life fully.

We have fun in our work … even when we sweat the details.

In the past 18 months, CCC took off. Chris recruited long-time family friends — Senior Consultant/ Operations Manager, Jessica Matthews, and Web Developer/Designer Jonathan Reibsome.

Together, they bring Classic City Consulting to the next level in delivering cutting edge web solutions for your business while doing business the simple way: with integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence. Their team’s creative and technical synergy fuels Classic City Consulting.

Jessica Matthews

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Reibsome

Director for Design & Development

That’s because they believe that doing excellent work for your brand doesn’t have to be complicated. It a matter of commitment to reliability and a good old-fashioned work ethic.

It’s why Chris named his company after what locals call the city of Athens, home of his alma mater.

Classic City Consulting’s team is poised to be an industry leader in bringing solutions for your brand with 21st-century Millennial freshness and timeless class.