Evangel University


Evangel University needed help keeping their web presence up to date to attract new students and be a resource for current students, faculty, and alumni.



  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • WordPress


Dedicated Web Support

As a growing university, their web team is constantly working on new ways to reach potential students and manage the information on the site. They needed a digital marketing team to review their goals and come up with a plan and to bring it to fruition.


External Web Team

We work to prioritize requests from the different departments within the university and make sure that their needs are met and that the website is consistence across all pages.

Erin Hedlun

What’s most impressive is their ability to understand our key messaging elements and who we are as a business.

Unique Challenge

Program Organization

With so many programs, it's important for students to have a seamless experience when trying to find what's right for them. We created a page that organized the options into departments, programs, and categories with filtering options so that students could get the best match for their interests.


Consistent Web Support

In working together on a shared roadmap, we are able to be the web team they need without the internal overhead. We are there when they need new landing pages, additional resource pages, or when the website's design and structure need to a refresh.

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