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How did our website get outdated?

Almost every marketing team goes through this question and typically goes through three phases to get to this realization:

New Ideas

Chances are, your superpower is the ability to generate fantastic ideas on how to grow your business. However, that typically means your website is one of the last areas that gets updated with these new ideas.


Soon, other areas of your marketing start falling behind: your website no longer connects to your CRM. There are ways to get more people on your email list, but that would take too much technical know-how to get done.

Should I Hire?

The idea of hiring someone to join your team is daunting: you need a unicorn of a person who understands your technical systems, creatively design landing pages, update your blog, and brainstorm with you around your strategies.

Create a marketing engine that works

Your website should be the hub for all of your outbound marketing efforts.

  • Email Marketing
    All your links from that email should direct to specific landing pages on your site for conversion tracking.
  • Google/Social Ads
    If you’re paying money for a lead to come to your website, let’s make sure they land on a page specific to their needs.
  • Blog Posts
    If you’re spending time writing blogs, let’s make sure they have clear calls-to-action and have some SEO done.
  • Contact Forms
    If these are not connected to your CRM with details on where they came from on your site, let’s fix that.

How do I know what I need?

fully custom

Web Design

Classic City will design and develop your website from the ground up. We’ll create an online presence customized to connect you to your audience. We optimize your users’ experience and keep your data organized so that you’re free to focus your attention where it’s most valuable.

Partnering With Your Agency

Web Development Partner

Consider our development team your own and see what we can accomplish. We partner with non-technical web agencies of all kinds to provide online solutions for their clients. Our team develops our partners’ designs with their client needs in mind, adding to it rather than replacing it.

Let’s get to know each other   

Our Web Design Process


Our Client Success Specialists will talk through your goals and see what you actually need. With endless web services at your fingertips it’s harder than ever to cut through the noise.

Proposed Relationship

Once we’ve learned about your brand and what you’d like to achieve, we’ll offer a solution with a flexible timeline that promotes efficiency and gives you the space to stay agile.

Workable Contracts

We also know that things change. Our contracts set a clear scope while ensuring that our clients have room to conquer challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

Classic City connects every angle of our clients’ online presence

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