Website Hosting

Finding the right hosting service is a lot like choosing the right mechanic.

If you’re saving money, it’s because they’re cutting corners. Our hosting services provide you with a trustworthy hand under your web site’s hood. We’ll make sure you stay online, up to date, and running smoothly. And if anything does go wrong, we’re a call away.

Hosting with Classic City

Page Speed

Fast sites lose fewer users. We’ll boost those numbers.


Specialized WordPress defense protects against attacks before they begin


Develop new pages and assets in a separate location to keep your live site safe.


Daily backups promote peace of mind in case anything ever does go wrong.


Make one call to us for support and we’ll handle the rest.

Plugin Updates

Automated plugin updates means no downtime due to third party updates.

Free SSL

SSL Certificate included so page rankers know you’re legit.

Free CDN

Help your site run faster by offloading resources.

WP Core Updates

Make sure that WP is always running the latest version.

Hosting Process

What Will We Do?

  • Migrate Your Website
    Once you’re ready to switch over, we’ll migrate your website from your current host for free.
  • Only Need Admin Access
    Most of the time, the only thing we will need is access to the backend of your website (typically, wherever you login that ends in wp-admin.
  • Give Everything a Check
    Once your site is on our server, we’ll run through the site to make sure everything is running well. We’ll want you to give it a once over since you know your site better than we do
  • Swap DNS
    Once you’ve given everything a thumbs-up, we’ll get access to your domain’s DNS (aka. the address book) and point your domain to our server.
  • Backup
    Once it’s all said-n-done, we’ll send you a ZIP file of your entire website so you have a hard-copy backup at your disposal as well.

Hosting Plan

Our Pricing



  • Ongoing updates and support
  • Four hours of free support to help update pages of your site
  • Safety, security, and peace of mind
  • No automated ticket responses or call centers