Classic City Consulting

Happy teams do good work.

Classic City’s design team is made up of multi-talented professionals from a broad range of backgrounds. Each member brings their unique experiences and skillset to our work together.

Why We Exist

Effective digital marketing is critical in today’s business world.

It’s also endlessly complex and incredibly confusing.

You need a team of experts from across the digital marketing landscape that’s flexible enough to scale up and down to meet your needs over time. 

Classic City Consulting is a web-first digital marketing team that will …

  • evaluate your current website and online marketing
  • execute a clear plan to hit defined goals within your budget and timeline 
  • evaluate performance through data-driven, mission-focused metrics
  • empower capacity that exists within your team to fuel your marketing engine over time.


Classic City Consulting is a web-first digital marketing team for growth-minded, mission-driven organizations.

B Corp Certified

Classic City Consulting’s commitment to social responsibility is integral to our business ethos. We actively contribute to ending homelessness, supporting education, and fostering entrepreneurship in our community. We believe that by lifting up individuals, we create a chain of support, multiplying the impact of our actions.

Our environmental stewardship is evidenced through our partnership with We Are Neutral, an initiative aimed at offsetting our carbon footprint. This collaboration aligns with our dedication to sustainability and reflects our responsibility towards the planet.

Additionally, we empower our team members to be part of this change. We not only encourage their input in selecting the organizations we support but also provide them time each month to volunteer in their communities. This approach ensures that our community engagement is both meaningful and reflective of our team’s diverse passions and interests.

Organizations We Support

What Makes Us Different

Classic City started with one person—our founder, Chris LaFay—who has a certain way of approaching every project, every challenge. That way of working continues today as our team and client list expand.

Perspective is everything. (Ours is digital.)

In everything we do, we have a digital lens. We start with your website as the foundation of your online presence and work outward from there.

We will work hard, we will work well, and we will work together.

Team is central to who we are. And when you partner with us, you add us to your team.

A team of thoughtful, committed professionals can change the world.

Our mix of full-time and contract team members provides maximum value to you because we bring only the team we need to the table for each project.

What’s next?

We attack each project with intensity and focus … and when that’s done, we’re ready for whatever’s next. Not only that, but we’re always thinking ahead, developing digital marketing strategies to grow your organization and empower your capacity.

Let’s Talk

Let’s set up a time to chat so you can share about your organization and the challenges you’re facing. We’ll take the time to listen and discover together the ways we can best serve you and grow your organization.

Join our team

Wanna become a Classic team member?

We’re on the lookout for spirited individuals eager to join a group where collaboration, creativity, and heart are at the core of everything we do. If you’re ready to be a part of a dynamic team and make a meaningful impact, we’re eager to get to know you.