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Pricing and Partnership Options

Let Classic City build and maintain your WordPress website.

You don’t just need a website. You need a website that delivers results and can be easily updated and expanded over time. And that takes an experienced team.

In the perfect world, your WordPress web design agency would:

  • Have deep expertise in web design, WordPress, and the nuances of your industry and organization
  • Combine technical execution with website strategy expertise
  • Be affordable and have a clear ROI
  • Feel like a responsive, reliable extension of your in-house team
  • Be able to ramp up or down with your needs

You’ve come to the right place. That’s Classic City.

Need a completely new website? We do that.

If you need a WordPress website built from scratch, we’ll guide you through the process from start to finish.

We’ll partner with you to determine:

  • The scope—what will users expect to be able to do on your website?
  • The content—what will users need to see on your website to take the next step of engagement?
  • The integrations—what other internal systems need to be connected to your website?
  • The timeline—how long will it take to plan, write, design, develop, and launch your website?
  • The investment—what will it cost to make all of that happen and get your new website live on the internet?

We’ll collaborate with you and your team to answer all of these questions and provide a custom estimate for your project.

NOTE: We design and develop custom WordPress websites. For most organizations, a custom website can require an investment of at least $25,000 – $50,000 and take a minimum of 4-6 months to be completed, depending on desired functionality and scope.

Looking for ongoing website support? We do that—and more.

We hope you’ll consider us as you grow and your needs evolve. Our goal is to collaborate with you proactively, aligning our website work with your marketing and sales efforts to drive traffic and improve conversions.



We will keep your site secure and up to date and be available to assist with any web enhancements.

  • Email Updates: Bi-weekly
  • Calls with Team: Bi-weekly
  • Chat Access: No



We’ll create a proactive monthly plan for adding value to your website, from creating or importing content to designing and developing new pages and functionality.

  • Email Updates: Weekly
  • Calls with Team: Bi-weekly
  • Chat Access: No



We provide you with the power to move quickly to where your website becomes an effective tool to drive growth for your organization. We’ll collaborate with you through daily communications and a concentrated team.

  • Email Updates: Weekly
  • Calls with Team: Weekly
  • Chat Access: Yes

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Why is it essential to have an accessible website?

Accessibility ensures that everyone, including the 16-27% of people worldwide with disabilities, can access your information online. By making your website accessible, you’re welcoming a wider audience and ensuring no one is left out of your web experience. Plus, having an accessible website can help you avoid potential legal issues related to accessibility compliance. It’s about doing the right thing for your users and your business

What are the benefits of a responsive website?

A responsive website looks great and functions well on any device, from smartphones to desktops. This ensures your important information is always accessible, regardless of how visitors are viewing your site.

Why choose WordPress for your website?

WordPress powers over 40% of the world’s websites because it’s robust and reliable. The native block editor lets you easily manage your content with a simple drag-and-drop interface, keeping your site up-to-date with the latest security and stability standards.

What if I can’t invest $25,000 – $50,000 in a new website right now?

We understand that not everyone can make a large investment upfront. That’s why we offer flexible retainer options to improve your website over time. We’ve had clients who needed extensive web work but couldn’t afford it immediately. By working with us on a retainer, we can start with essential updates to ensure your site is functioning better right away. Then, we’ll continue to make improvements gradually and flag when it’s the right time for a complete overhaul. This way, you can enhance your website step by step without straining your budget.

What if I need a website faster than the typical 4-6 month timeframe?

Speedy projects are possible if you’re flexible with your budget or features. At Classic City Consulting, we use a phased approach to get your website up and running quickly. We’ll start by building the essentials and getting the site live as soon as possible. After that, we’ll work with you to plan and implement phase two improvements, ensuring your site continues to evolve and improve over time. It’s all about making it work and then making it work better.

What if I need e-commerce?

If you need e-commerce functionality, we’ve got you covered. WordPress handles e-commerce exceptionally well through WooCommerce, allowing for seamless integration with your existing site. However, if Shopify is a better fit for your business, we have experienced Shopify developers on hand to create a robust and user-friendly online store. Whether it’s WooCommerce or Shopify, we’ll ensure your e-commerce platform meets your business needs.