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Digital marketing
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Partner with Classic and put our team to work for you—building and refining a digital marketing engine that delivers the results you need to grow your business.

How should I invest my marketing dollars to get the best return for my business?

Most business owners aren’t digital marketing experts, but if you don’t get marketing right, you’ll never scale your business. Where do you start?


In today’s content-heavy digital world, design is more important than ever. You need a partner who understands and implements the latest design best practices to build a strong brand that connects with your audience.


You know your website is important to your business, but how do you make sure that your web presence fits your business goals? You need a web development partner who will design and build a website that helps your business grow.


Digital marketing can be daunting because there are so many options. You hear about other businesses that grow through Google Ads, search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy, or email marketing, but you don’t know where to start.

Classic City will guide you to answer all of your digital marketing questions, our team filling in the gaps with whatever you need.

Create a marketing engine that works

  • Website
    Your website is the hub for all of your inbound and outbound marketing efforts—it’s the front door of your business online.
  • Email Marketing
    All your links from your emails should direct to specific landing pages on your site that are optimized for conversion.
  • Google/Social Ads
    If you’re paying money for a lead to come to your website, let’s make sure they land on a page specific to their needs.
  • Blog Posts
    If you’re spending time writing blogs, let’s answer questions your potential customers are asking and include clear calls to action..
  • Contact Forms
    If these are not connected to your CRM with details on where they came from on your site, let’s fix that.

Use our brand/marketing assessment to find out what you need.

Let’s get to know each other   

How to Get Started with Classic City

Discovery Conversation

We’ll start by talking through your goals and see what you need. If you’re clear about what you’re looking for, great! If not, we’ll ask questions to find the best ways we can partner with you to help your business grow.

Partnership Proposal

Once we’ve learned about your business and what you’d like to achieve, we’ll offer a framework that defines how we can partner with you—either through specific projects or an ongoing, monthly retainer.

Get Started & Adjust

We also know that things change. While our contracts set a clear scope, we leave room for the learnings we gain over time—making adjustments based on what’s most effective and new opportunities.

Partnering With Your Agency

Web Development Partner

Consider our development team your own and see what we can accomplish. We partner with non-technical web agencies of all kinds to provide online solutions for their clients. Our team develops our partners’ designs with their client needs in mind, adding to it rather than replacing it.

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