7 Best Questions to Guide You to Determine Your Unique Value Proposition

Having a clear, well-defined unique value proposition (UVP) is critical to business success. 

→ It differentiates you from your competitors and communicates the unique value that your product or service provides. It answers the crucial question every customer has: “Why should I choose you?” 

→ In today’s crowded marketplace, consumers have endless choices, and a well-defined UVP can be the deciding factor that persuades a customer to choose your product or service over others. It makes your offering stand out by highlighting its unique features, benefits, or experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. 

→ A powerful UVP can guide your marketing and branding strategies, ensuring that all communication is consistent and reflects the unique value you offer. 

In essence, a clear UVP not only attracts customers but also builds loyalty, fosters customer retention, and drives business growth.

So … how do you go about determining and articulating your unique value proposition? The 7 questions below are the best ones we’ve found to guide you through the process. 

  1. Why did you first start your business? This question helps tap into the fundamental reason why your business exists and what you aim to achieve.
  2. What problems does your product/service solve? Understanding the specific problems your product or service addresses can help identify the key benefits that should be highlighted in the UVP.
  3. Who are your target customers? Knowing who you serve can provide insights into what these customers value and how the business fulfills those needs uniquely.
  4. What makes your product/service unique? This question helps identify the distinguishing factors that set your client’s offerings apart from competitors. It’s crucial to zero in on features or benefits that are exclusive to their product or service.
  5. How does your offering improve the lives of your customers? This question focuses on the transformative aspect of your product/service – how it changes the customer’s status quo for the better.
  6. Why should customers choose you over your competitors? This direct question prompts you to think critically about their competitive edge and what truly makes them the better choice.

    In answering this question, ruthlessly evaluate your answers. You think your product/service is great—it’s what you do. What do your competitors say? What do your dissatisfied customers say? What do your satisfied customers say?

    Also, the question “how?” is the most important follow up. “We’re just better,” is not good enough. How are you better? 

    Another answer I hear all the time is some variation of, “Our people are the difference.” OK … but how are your people the difference? Better at customer service? More practical experience? Greater levels of expertise? 
  7. When you celebrate success stories in your business, what do you celebrate the most? For far too many businesses, they only celebrate hitting financial goals or objectives. Those are great, but what else does your team celebrate? What are the stories or moments that motivate and inspire you and your team? All of those things are clues to your UVP.

Remember, the goal of answering these questions is not just to gather information, but to spark introspection and dialogue that will ultimately lead to a clear, compelling UVP.

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