A conglomeration of posts from the Classic City team and it's partners.

Using Your Marketing Hub Website For Action

Taking and Facilitating Action With Your Website Our series on converting your brand’s website into a marketing hub focuses on action this week. We will focus on both facilitating actions for your audience and your internal team. Turning your website into a marketing hub for your business ultimately relies on your website connecting with your […]

Using Your Marketing Hub Website to Win in Your Vertical

Using Your Website to Help Your Stakeholders Win Using your website as a marketing hub that helps you and your audience win means understanding both your own KPIs and those of your target market. For our purposes here, your brand “winning” means securing business and advancing as a leader in your vertical. Your clients/customers “win” […]

Using Your Website for Creating and Maximizing Resources

In this entry of our series on turning your website into a marketing hub for your business, our focus is on maximizing resources. We want to consider both your target audience and your internal team. Ensuring that all of your marketing materials are available and easily accessible on your website is only part of the […]

Using Your Website to Share Your Vision

Create a marketing hub website that serves your brand More than ever, markets want to understand what they are participating in when they spend their money. In order to fully connect with your target audience, a critical part of brand development is having a vision for what you seek to achieve. Ideally, your vision is […]

Using Your Website to Demonstrate Expertise

Marketing is trust-building. For your website to serve as a valuable marketing hub, it must demonstrate your trustworthiness. We shop at grocers whom we know carry quality food, buy cars that we don’t expect to break down, invest in companies we believe will succeed, etc. You wouldn’t be in business if you weren’t an expert […]

Using Your Website as a Marketing Hub: Creating Urgency

Using Your Website To Create Urgency For Sales At Classic City, we believe your website should serve as your brand’s marketing hub. What exactly do we mean by that? When we work with clients, we seek out every angle of their business that can be tied to their website and then conduct the connections their […]

Best Small Business Website Examples

The best website for your small business can be a challenge to envision. Every small business has different needs, which should be reflected in their web presence. When we audit or design a website for a client, we are always thinking about what their goals are and what success looks like for them. Below are […]

The Best Website For Small Business

Over the next couple of months, Classic City will be offering our insights about how to create the best website for small business. Small business owners face a never-ending list of decisions and challenges, so our hope is to demystify some of the more common questions and concerns that come our way. Our goal for […]

CEO Chris LaFay Appears on Dooder Podcast

Classic City’s CEO, Chris LaFay sat down with Natalie Shahmri, founder of Dooder and host of The Amplified Agency Podcast, to talk about how Chris has evolved from a freelancer to an agency owner over the years–and what lessons he’s learned from that journey, which he calls a “Great ride.” Their conversation offers valuable insights […]