How to Fix Your Website's Structure

When your website’s user experience is short of fantastic, your company risks losing potential customers to its lack of structure.  If visitors are unaware of how to purchase products, send you an email, or learn how you can best serve their needs, they won’t engage with you. These are a few key areas that I see when looking through websites that come our way.

Not Intuitive to Navigate

Navigation around your company’s website is critical to keeping potential customers on your site. A clean menu with essential page links will allow customers to properly react to calls to action. How do you ensure that your menu is doing everything it needs to do?

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Overuse of Stock Imagery

Stock images have their place. Original illustration or photography is not always within most small business’ budget. It makes sense to do the things you do well, which is run your company, and leave coming up with how to best represent it to the professionals.

When images are ambiguous or don’t match your brand, it makes it the worst offender on the list.

Just take a look at the images above. The middle image, for example, is a man holding a globe with uninformative icons in hexagons. Without explanation, this image does not communicate anything meaningful.

How do we fix this?

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In Your Face Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

Remember when pop-ups ads littered the internet?  Now we have even more types of “in your face” advertising than ever before. With exit-intent boxes, chat pop-ups, full screen take over ads, autoplay video ads, and more, people get bombarded with more ads than they have time to process.

Given the influx of new ad types – and the negative response from consumers – Google has started cracking down on getting rid of them.  Using these CTAs is not a bad thing – if done in an appropriate fashion:

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This isn’t the definitive list of problems that customers have, but this is a start. Take a look at your website and see if any of these issues are there.

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