Three Things to Do With Your Website When It Launches

Congratulations on your brand new website! Whether you built it yourself or had an agency help you out, you’ve put in a lot of time and effort to create an amazing online presence. Your website is now live, and you’ve even launched a rebrand with a fresh logo and color scheme. It’s an exciting moment, but now you might be wondering, “What’s next?” Let’s dive into three essential things you can do with your website after it launches to drive success. 

Build a content plan

Building a comprehensive content plan is crucial to keep visitors engaged and informed. Your website likely has three types of pages: tier one pages, which are generic pages such as the homepage; tier two pages, which are more specific service pages; and tier three pages, which are highly detailed blog posts. Creating a well-structured sitemap that interlinks these pages will provide a seamless user experience.

Create in-depth blog posts

Consider creating blog posts that delve into specific topics related to your services or products. For example, if you run a fitness equipment e-commerce store, you could create posts on topics such as workout routines, nutrition tips, or selecting the right fitness equipment for different goals.

These posts can provide valuable insights to visitors and establish your expertise in the fitness industry.

Expand sub-pages

Instead of cramming all the information on a single page, consider creating sub-pages with more detailed content. For instance, if you have a service page on personal training, you could link to a sub-page that discusses your training programs  and what makes your experience unique.

This allows visitors to explore more about your offerings in a structured manner and encourages them to stay on your website longer.

Cross-link related pages

To keep visitors engaged and encourage them to explore more of your website, cross-link relevant pages. For example, if you have service pages or problem area pages, consider creating content that goes into more detail and links back to those pages. This provides visitors with a more comprehensive view of what they are interested in and prompts them to take action.

By creating an organized and interlinked content plan, you can provide a seamless user experience, establish your expertise, and keep visitors engaged on your website for longer periods of time.

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What are your marketing efforts?

So once you understand the types of content that you’re going to be creating, the next step is to consider how you’re going to get that content into the hands of your target audience.

Email marketing

Now is the perfect time to evaluate your email marketing strategy. How are you crafting messages for your potential and current customers? What problems are you solving for them? Consider how you can repurpose the content you’re already creating on your website by giving it a unique twist to address the needs of a different type of audience.

This doesn’t mean simply copying and pasting, but rather editing, tweaking, and tailoring the content to speak directly to specific segments. By customizing your email campaigns, you can provide personalized value and engage with different types of customers, effectively solving their unique problems and fostering meaningful connections.

Social media

Similar to email marketing, social media can also be a powerful tool for promoting your content and engaging with your audience. Founder-led businesses in the consulting and creative spaces can leverage their personal LinkedIn or other social media platforms to develop their personal brand and provide value to their audience.

By sharing content from your website and addressing the needs and interests of your target audience, you can generate thousands of impressions and views, which can be more than what you might achieve with email marketing alone.

It’s important to find ways to provide value through social media without reinventing the wheel, by repurposing and tweaking your existing content to tell a slightly different story.

The goal of your marketing efforts should not be to recreate the wheel, but rather to find creative ways to repurpose and customize your content to cater to the unique needs of your target audience in different channels.

By providing value and addressing their specific needs, you can build a strong connection with your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Ensure your website is staying up to date

It’s crucial to not overlook the technical aspects of keeping your website up to date, especially in founder-led businesses. This includes regularly updating plugins, ensuring your website is hosted on a reliable server, like WP Engine, and staying on top of technical maintenance tasks.

As you develop your content plan and implement marketing efforts, it’s essential to involve your web team in building new elements and features for your website.

With regular updates and fixes, your website can have a longer lifespan, saving you from potential issues down the road. Your web team can identify and address potential problems when they are still small, preventing them from becoming larger, more complex issues.

By prioritizing website maintenance as part of your overall marketing strategy, you can ensure that your website remains reliable, functional, and up to date, providing a positive user experience for your visitors and supporting your overall business goals.

Launching a website is just the beginning of your online journey! By creating a content plan, expanding sub-pages, cross-linking related content, and leveraging email marketing and social media, you can drive success and keep your audience engaged.

Lastly, when you prioritize ongoing website development and maintenance your website remains reliable, functional, and up to date, supporting your overall business goals in the long term. 


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