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Cartoon mail in envelop on top of tablet representing email marketing

Designing a Stand-Out Email

Here is your go-to guide when you are ready to design your first email in MailChimp. Why MailChimp? We love MailChimp. It’s a great application that allows for different email marketing possibilities. One of the main selling features is that it has so many design options. Reasons you want to send email Identifying the why […]

Cartoon computer with red call to action button

All You Ever Wanted to Know About CTAs

Calls-to-action (or CTAs for short) are useful tools for creating engaging websites. In order to understand how to place them properly to get the most effective results, we first need to answer the obvious question… What is a CTA? A call to action is a defined area of your site that prompts a user to […]

Cartoon people using cartoon crayons to put together apps on a smartphone on teal background

Should You Build an App or a Website?

With more than 50% of internet searches taking place on smart phones, having a responsive, mobile-friendly website or app is essential. When deciding which is right for your business, here are a few factors to consider. Mobile Website Advantages [ccc_list id=”website-advantages”] Application Advantages [ccc_list id=”app-advantages”] Determine Your Needs While you can have both an app […]

Blue e-marketing button on keyboard

Beginner’s Guide to the Drip Campaign

Harnessing the power of drip campaigns allows you to reach a customer at the moment they want to engage with your brand. The right time to communicate with your audience is the mystery that all marketers try to solve, but automated emails can take away some of the guessing. What is a drip campaign? Drip […]

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Classic City Consulting: Top 20 Web Design Agencies in Atlanta 2018

Thank You! Classic City Consulted was named one of the top web designers in Atlanta by Clutch and one of the top 20 design agencies in the city by The Manifest. We are excited that our dedication to quality work and our commitment to client satisfaction has recently earned us these recognitions. Through their extensive […]

Person drawing a homepage wireframe and an interior page wireframe

How to Fix Your Website’s Structure

When your website’s user experience is short of fantastic, your company risks losing potential customers to its lack of structure.  If visitors are unaware of how to purchase products, send you an email, or learn how you can best serve their needs, they won’t engage with you. These are a few key areas that I […]

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Content-First Design Methodology

There are a lot of websites out there that look fantastic – there’s no question about that.  With so many options, how do companies take a potential customer from “I’m just looking around” to “This company understands me – and I want to buy.”  The difference between having a simple “brochure website” and one that […]

Back of man looking at wall of four pictures on a wall at a gallery

Why Curated Content Matters

Content is king because it makes you click. Yes, it is a marketing cliche: content is king.  Clicks measure the digital conversation between producers and consumers.  And content drives clicks.  From click-bait headlines and listicles to white papers and investigative journalism, the web is always hungry for more. More to read. More to watch. More […]

Designers man drawing website ux app development, planning the paths for your customers

Why UX Makes or Breaks a Site

There are some beautiful websites out there – and yours very well could be one of those.  It is an immersive, engaging experience, pleasing to the eye and formatted well across different types of devices.  Your developer tossed around terms like “UI” and “UX” during the design process for you to think more critically about […]