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Classic City’s design team is made up of multi-talented professionals from a broad range of backgrounds. Each member brings their unique experiences and skill set to our work together.


Chris LaFay

Chris LaFay has been conducting connection and bringing heart to every interaction in his life since—-well, since always. Described by friends, colleagues, employees, and clients alike as “the best person,” he puts humans above to-dos. And taking care of other humans honed his skills in the minutia that keep an orchestra humming: an eye on the time, finger on the pulse, and responsiveness and visibility with the musicians. He consistently brings the band back together, leveraging long-term relationships across a swathe of experience to empower career transitions, life event pivots, and, ultimately, an incredibly versatile, flexible, and creative team for his clients. As an alum of the University of Georgia’s New Media Institute, he stays on top of incoming talent and industry developments. He has owned his own business since 2006, and he sets an example for his teams in putting connection and heart first by curating his calendar to include guitar, international and domestic travel, family holidays, and industry conferences.

Photo of Dawn Audano

Dawn Audano


Dawn Audano connects the dots, a committed minimalist who strips projects down to their most essential—and therefore, efficient—elements. She makes space for creatives to engage meaningfully with the task at hand, cutting to the heart of the matter. With experience in radio, film, event planning, and motherhood, she expertly juggles the details and enjoys handling the tiny pieces that can make or break the flow of ideas.

Photo of Daniel Cowan

Daniel Cowan

Lead Developer

Daniel Cowan removes obstacles, “unsticks what’s stuck.” Like electrical conduction, he finds the points of resistance and removes anything impeding momentum. He enjoys trouble-shooting for folks that felt like things were moving and then, suddenly, they weren’t. When opportunity struck, he and his family traveled the country by RV for over 12 months, more deeply connecting with each other and with the world around them.

Photo of Steve Finkill

Steve Finkill

Brand Messaging / AM

Steve Finkill increases lift by helping leaders experience freedom they never thought was possible. Steve works with leaders to bridge the gap between strategy and execution so their organizations can reach new heights. He’s got 20+ years experience as a marketing and brand manager leading cross-functional teams. Effective strategy, team synergy, compelling messaging, and just getting things done are at the heart of who Steve is. Plus … Dad jokes.

Photo of Claude Ball

Claude Ball


Claude Ball enjoys learning new skills and environments, including the back-and-forth of constructive feedback among fellow skilled creatives. As a mental health advocate, he puts the heart front and center in all he does and sees the value in intentional care with people—and, in design. As an amateur chef, he delights in making the professional, personal by adapting favorite restaurant dishes into homemade hospitality.

Photo of Shane McCurdy

Shane McCurdy

Web Developer

Shane sees himself as an advocate for the end user, and his role is to be their invisible ambassador while bridging the divide between product design and execution. He brings a focus on Accessibility principles to his role, believing that thoughtful design benefits everyone who experiences it. He is an active outdoorsman, which also includes being an avid caver.

Photo of Seth Hall

Seth Hall


Seth loves to create meaningful, accessible experiences through design. He has a diverse creative background in design, videography, photography, and event production. He enjoys designing experiences that people enjoy, but really loves designing experiences that help people. When not designing, he can be found hiking and rock climbing, attending concerts, or digging through his backpack for snacks

Photo of Michael Overstreet

Michael Overstreet

Project Manager

Michael is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience, bringing innovative solutions to clients. During his career, he has focused on business and technology management at entrepreneurial, Fortune 500, and consulting companies. He has a depth of experience in management consulting, information management, customer relationship management, and product leadership. Michael is an avid runner, hiker, and is passionate about experiencing live music. 

Photo of Jeff LaFay

Jeff LaFay

Designer / Developer

Both in print and in code, Jeff LaFay has been conducting connections among businesses and their clients for years. An adoptive father, he brings deep consciousness of the heart to both his personal and professional worlds. He and his brother Chris LaFay feel lucky and grateful to have shared decades of working life together, shaping their collaborations to keep their family values at the core of everything they do.

Photo of Brett Davis

Brett Davis

Project Manager

Brett Davis enjoys connecting people and elevating projects through creativity and collaboration. He has a background in leadership and loves to help people be the best they can be. He loves helping clients achieve desired outcomes that integrate with their mission and purpose. Brett loves spending time with his family and is passionate about sports photography.

Photo of Ella Simm

Ella Simm

Project Manager

Ella is a senior at Georgia State University, majoring in computer information systems. She plans on making technology her career one day. She loves making art, bartending, and her cats!

Photo of Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Executive Advisor

As an Executive Partner at Stratfield Consulting, Tim Smith interacts with hundreds of people each week. His driving force? Paying it forward. Consistent follow up and tight daily schedules keep the business humming so there’s space for heart to fill each interaction. He is a husband, father, business leader, avid reader, and international traveler—-and saxophone player, jamming with renowned jazz ensembles for over 40 years.

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