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Classic City's Custom Web Design Process

Classic City's three-step approach to elevating our clients' brands through tailored design. Our promise to our clients is to value their time by exceeding expectations. From the beginning, you’ll know the sequence of events for our plan of attack and when you can expect to launch. We update our clients through each step of the way with weekly emails and biweekly meetings.

Step One


Kickoff Call

We’ll schedule a meeting with you to discuss your quarterly goals, earliest deliverables, and the overall timeline for your project. This is where we set expectations.

Audience Analysis

Together, we will identify the primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences for your work. This will help determine the most important call to action and allow us to start planning how to attract and funnel traffic.

Step Two

Custom Design

Site Map

Your site map ensures that your users can easily access everything you need them to see. It’s the foundation for the rest of the project.


We’ll start the old fashioned way–with pen and paper. Visualizing the layout of your home page will help bring the conceptual work we’ve done so far to early life.

Design Mockups

Our team will present you with a beautiful home page design that promotes your brand and speaks to the quality of your work. From the approved home page, we’ll support your design with all the components your content demands.

Step Three

Development and Launch

Web Development

Our developers give life to your new design by building your components block by block. Custom development ensures your web site performs to its potential with fast load times and a well-connected structure that your audience (and search engines) can appreciate.

Mock Pages

We’ll piece together mock content page structures using your design elements in order to have a visual layout in place. Our content import team will use these as a guide so delivering your complete site is as smooth as possible.


We’ll put your site live on its domain and let you start showing off. Our hosting services keep you secure, backed up, and one call away for full support. We’ve gotten to know your site pretty well. Let us give it the care it deserves.

Custom web design

We’ll develop a custom website design built to meet your unique needs from the ground up. Classic City provides the power of a design studio with the same commitment to your brand as your in-house team.

agency partners

Classic City’s team is here to join yours. If your clients need websites, we’ll help you serve them online the way you do everywhere else. See how partnering with us means more than using a White Label studio.

Our Guarantee

Partnering for Success

In every project we undertake, your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that true satisfaction comes from collaboration, understanding, and a final product that resonates with your needs. While we can’t promise perfection in every stroke, we assure you of our unwavering commitment to work alongside you, making adjustments where necessary, to achieve a result that we can all be proud of.