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Hire a team of marketing experts

Most small-to-mid-sized businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time marketing team. When you partner with Classic for Digital Marketing, we become your marketing team—developing and implementing strategies that bring in leads and grow your business.

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Custom Strategy


No plan? Big Problem.

What is a lack of strategy costing you?

  • Website is Stale
    A lot of times your website is the last piece of your strategy that gets updated. You keep growing the business, and sales keep coming in, but your website doesn’t keep up.
  • Systems Disconnected
    As your business has grown, the amount of systems your team uses has grown drastically. However, they don’t talk to each other, and it’s causing internal friction.
  • Sales are Hindered
    You realize when you’re talking to potential leads that your website doesn’t line up with what you’re pitching to clients. You may even avoid sending them to your website.

Communicating across different channels and getting marketing and sales in sync with one another is not easy. Right now, you don’t need to hire a full team of experts, you just need to tap into a group of diverse experts when you need them. That’s what we are here for.

How Our Strategy Works

We understand your sales goals, learn your team and use our expertise to fill your digital marketing gaps.

Your website should be a resource for potential clients. However, with all the sales tools that we use, your website might be the last place that gets updated. We look at your goals, the tools you’re using (or could possibly add in), and create a cohesive plan of attack that brings in the right experts at the right time.

Project Execution

But What Will You Do?

The great thing about our team is the diverse talent that we have (and are consistently growing). Each of our 90-day cadences for clients looks different month-over-month: depending on your goals, we make adjustments to the team (if necessary) to make sure we’re setting up your business for success. Below are some ideas to get your wheels spinning.

Targeting a New Vertical

You have a quarterly objective to take the experience you have working in XYZ industry and start conversations with leaders in that area. We’ll craft you a landing page that showcases your team’s talent within that vertical and how you solve problems for that vertical. We’d then write some blog posts that can be tacked onto that landing page for even more depth, and craft some content for LinkedIn that you could then link back to your website.

Podcast Content Underutilized

You’ve been hosting a podcast for months now, but you really haven’t been able to get the best use out of it yet. We’ll have our team listen to some of your most recent episodes, and come up with a structure on your website that can display pertinent information from the podcast. We can even make this as easy as a “form fill” and will teach your internal team how to update it easily, thus making the best use of each person’s talents.

Reviewing Product Page UX

Your eCommerce store is running well, but we noticed that there are a handful of products in your store that are getting all the traffic. We’ll put heatmaps on those specific pages and let them run for a month to collect data. We’ll take the information learned from the heatmaps and make suggestions on how we can improve the user experience on product pages to help increase sales.

Email Campaign Setup

Your CRM is busting at the seams with client information. However, it’s just sitting there collecting dust. You don’t have a client reach-out strategy yet, but if we craft a cadence to get in touch with these people, there’s a chance we can reactivate some prior customers. We’ll get your email marketing system stood up, connected with your CRM, and create an initial template for your campaign. We can even help write the content for it on a regular basis if you need it.

Special Event Management

Want to host a webinar and invite some current (and potential) clients to it? We’ll craft a landing page to send those people to that will allow them to register for the event. We’ll funnel that information into your CRM (and tagged appropriately) so you can use that data later on. If a payment needs to be collected, we’ll sync up with your payment processor to ensure you receive the money you deserve.

Consistent Look from Web to Print

If you’re like most businesses, there are some inconsistencies from your email marketing to your print marketing to you website. We want to bring that all together so that when a client gets an email, it matches the website, which also matches the business card they got from you at the last networking event.

What Are The First Steps?

We want to make sure what we do sets you and your team up for long term success. A little planning at the beginning goes a long way in making a long-term impact.


First things first: we want to get to understand who you are as a business. We have a 37-question discovery session to start and then dive deeper once the conversation gets moving.

Sales Goals

With an understanding of who you are and how you serve your customers, we’ll turn our attention to how you want to grow your sales.


To round out our Discovery, we’ll want to get a better grasp of your team and their skillsets. We have a vast team of different skillsets and we want to make sure we bring a team that compliments who you have.

The Details

What We Provide

Each month may look a little different from a task-based perspective. However, no matter what we are doing for you, we will always stay consistent with the following items. No matter what tier of service you choose to go with, we will make sure all of these items are covered for you. We want to make sure we’re taking a holistic view of all of our client’s websites.

Easy Feedback

We’ll install a tool on your website to report feedback. No more long emails with screenshots that get lost.


We partner with a WCAG certified agency and we’ll give you a quarterly report of where we need to focus some ADA compliance efforts.


We’ll migrate your website over to our server for better uptime and page speeds.


A primary analytics tool we’ll introduce you to are heatmaps to see how people are using pages on your website.

Task Visibility

You’ll have direct access to our project board where all of our tasks are stored.

SEO Audit

Our team will compile a quarterly SEO audit and derive tasks to make sure we’re making strides in the right direction.

Monthly Planning

We will have a prescheduled call once/month to go over reports and to strategize on the upcoming 90 days.

Stock Images

If you need images for your site, we can pull stock images from our assets.

A growth strategy is within reach