Digital Marketing

Most small-to-mid-sized businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time marketing team. When you partner with Classic City for Digital Marketing, we become your marketing team—developing and implementing strategies that bring in leads and grow your business.

More traffic. More customers.

Get the Word Out and Grow Your Business

You’ve got a solid business. You’re ready to scale and you know attracting more potential customers is the next step.

How do you navigate the complex and multi-faceted world of digital marketing to identify where to invest your limited marketing dollars?

  • One Size Does Not Fit All
    You need a customized digital marketing strategy that maximizes your specific strengths and doesn’t waste effort on low-return tactics.
  • Where Do You Start?
    Most small- and mid-sized business owners don’t know where to start in developing a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing strategy.

    If that sounds familiar, Classic can help.

Messaging That Connects

The first step to developing an effective marketing strategy is to clarify your message. What is the clear, consistent language you will use to communicate who you are and what you offer in a way that connects with your audiences and compels them to respond?

WINs Every 90 Days

What’s Important Now (WIN)? When it comes to digital marketing, a long-term approach is critical, but clear WINs drive action and results. We’ll collaborate with you to define your WINs every 90 days to make sure we’re tracking with your goals.

Implement with Your Team

With a clear message and clear milestones defined, we’re ready to go! We’ll collaborate with you and your team to build tasks and timelines. We can do as much or as little as you like, depending on your team’s capacity. Collaborative. Adaptive. That’s Classic.

Let’s build a digital marketing engine that works for you.

Clarify Your Message

Few organizations invest the time to define their message so it’s consistent across all their channels—website, social media, emails, digital ads, trade show materials, sales presentations, speaking engagements, you name it.

Many times the message is held inside the head of the founder, CEO, or key sales person, making it impossible to use in all of your marketing efforts.

  • Audit + Discovery
    We begin with an audit of all of your current brand assets. Then, we facilitate a 75-minute messaging discovery session where you and your team do most of the talking.
  • Draft + Present
    We develop your messaging document including descriptors, differentiators, logical description, positioning statement, key messages, and marketing tagline; then we present it to your team.
  • Collaborate + Iterate
    Together, we’ll refine your messaging to make sure it accurately communicates and connects with your audiences.
  • Refine Over Time
    Even after it’s approved, your messaging document will continue to be refined as we learn which messages most resonate with your potential customers.

Implement a Customized Marketing Plan

We’ll collaborate with you and your team to define your marketing WINs (What’s Important Now) every 90 days.

With your WINs clearly defined, we can align our team’s activities to match your goals—adapting to what’s needed in the moment and to the tasks your team wants to handle internally.

Depending on your organization’s unique strengths and opportunities, we may recommend any of the following tactics.

  • Website Updates or Redesigns
  • Custom Landing Pages Written and Developed
  • Digital Ads (Google, Social, etc.)
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Email Campaigns & Automation
  • Trade Show/Event Offers & Campaigns
  • Sales Presentation Design
  • Speaking Engagements

Our Guarantee

Partnering for Success

In every project we undertake, your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that true satisfaction comes from collaboration, understanding, and a final product that resonates with your needs. While we can’t promise perfection in every stroke, we assure you of our unwavering commitment to work alongside you, making adjustments where necessary, to achieve a result that we can all be proud of.

Let’s Have a Chat

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