Best Small Business Website Examples

The best website for your small business can be a challenge to envision. Every small business has different needs, which should be reflected in their web presence. When we audit or design a website for a client, we are always thinking about what their goals are and what success looks like for them. Below are five of the best small business website examples that we believe are doing great work for their brands, despite having unique needs.

Best Small Business Website Examples for Food & Beverage

Monday Night Brewing
Atlanta based brewery and taproom

Monday Night Brewing first opened its door in 2011 and has since grown into 2 brewing locations in Atlanta along with taprooms in Birmingham and Nashville. This passion project moved from a Monday night gathering between friends and has grown to expand its brick-n-mortar locations across multiple states with distribution throughout the south. Monday Night’s success comes from a great product which has been supported by strong branding and an attitude that resonates with its passionate fanbase. Their website feels a bit chaotic, like the loosened tie in their logo, and functions primarily as a marketing platform. As their ecommerce opportunities are limited, this means even more emphasis on the beer, the taprooms, and their story. Monday Night’s following is always looking for their latest beer release or next taproom event, and their website does a great job of building interest in their project and leading the audience closer to purchase despite not being able to sell directly to consumers.

51N Taproom
Nashville Restaurant

One of our Nashville team’s favorite local spots, 51N Taproom can boast a website as strong as their menu. They’re a friendly, casual spot with diverse food and beer offerings. Their site’s hero section has a single call to action, which invites visitors to place an order. Since restaurants and bars ultimately deliver an in-person experience as well as a consumable product, it can be a challenge to capture that feel online. The best small business website is one that saves time for both staff and customers. The Taproom makes the most of its digital real estate by leading with an accessible ordering tool that lets users order at their own pace, which saves on-site staff from answering phones and frees them up to focus on their guests. Naturally, small businesses benefit from thorough, informative websites marketing their services. The 51N Taproom’s users can also navigate between their various menus, view specials and events, and learn more about their story. (Check them out in Nashville in The Nations!)

Best Small Business Website Examples for Retailers

Amelia’s Flower Truck
Nashville Florist

Amelia’s Flower Truck is a passion project started by Mattie Bush that in a matter of a few years has become a local staple for anyone looking for floral arrangements. Amelia’s is best known for its traveling VW Bus storefronts that they strategically place at farmers markets and pedestrian thoroughfares throughout the city. Amelia’s website expresses their brand visually through beautiful imagery and uses their homepage to immediately differentiate local and national customers. The latter are sent to, which is a more strictly commercial website. Functionally, both websites allow customers to easily place orders for delivery or register for their flower subscription service. However, one can only rent one of their signature trucks from the Amelia’s Flower Truck (Nashville) website, which highlights their commitments to local charities and their role within the Nashville community. 

Oil & Lumber
Nashville Based Clothing & Furniture Company

Oil & Lumber is a premium clothing and furniture company focused on creating sustainable, highly durable, artisan products. Their website operates like a showroom for the luxury brand. O/L makes great use of negative space and quality photography, which highlights their products with an effect similar to a boutique retail environment. Each product description emphasizes that their items are hand made to order, which lets them clarify that it may be a few weeks before an order ships. They also proudly advertise their products are “Designed/Cut/Sewn/In Nashville, TN” to drive home its commitment to a sustainable, local business model. The website represents their brand values, including paying a living wage to the workers that actually make the product. O/L’s messaging deliberately addresses their price point and works to justify its necessity, which ultimately intends to expand their demographic. They back up their self-awareness by letting customers break up their payments into installments in their Shopify store. 

Best Small Business Website Examples for Event Producers

The Defining Point
Atlanta Based Event Production

The Defining Point produces events for clients in the Atlanta area. Their typical project ranges from social events for internal stakeholders to creating large scale conferences for industry leaders. Of course, creating a connection with potential clients is what makes any large or small business website a success, so capturing a digital feel for their product is an important challenge for the brand. Defining Point’s website answers this by using eye-catching graphics and photography that gives a sense of the scale of events that they produce. Their copy is clean and well-presented throughout their website, making use of light animations that draw the eye to the next block of information instead of navigating away. Since they also cannot operate an online store to generate sales, they’ve made it easy for potential clients to reach out with contact invitations and social media links in multiple places per page. 


In spending time with each of these small business websites, it’s clear there are important differences and similarities in each and that one size fits all is rarely the right approach. Small businesses should always always follow best practices when creating their online presence. However, it’s important to understand how each small business benefits from their web traffic. The best small business website is one that creates value/drives revenue from every possible angle. Talk to us about how a custom website from Classic City fulfills your small business needs and connects with your audience.

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