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Classic City Consulting: Top 20 Web Design Agencies in Atlanta 2018

Written by Chris LaFay in Business

Thank You!

Classic City Consulted was named one of the top web designers in Atlanta by Clutch and one of the top 20 design agencies in the city by The Manifest. We are excited that our dedication to quality work and our commitment to client satisfaction has recently earned us these recognitions.

Through their extensive evaluation of companies’ data, D.C. based sister companies Clutch and The Manifest rank businesses and provide insight on industry trends. From client interviews to assessments of market presence, they review and compare small and mid-market businesses based on their performance, work, and customer satisfaction.

We enjoy building great products with great people, and our devotion to those we work with is demonstrated through open dialog and transparency in the design process. The feedback and support that we’ve received from clients, from our community, and from our industry peers is humbling. Whether we are working on web development, rebranding, marketing strategy, or software consulting, Classic City enjoys building partnerships. We thank Clutch and The Manifest for recognizing our dedication to the quality of our work.