How Evergreen Content Saves You Time

A common myth about content publication says you always have to publish something new.

But “evergreen content” is a cornerstone for successful website presence. Evergreen content is timeless and fresh for readers, regardless of the publication date.  And the revolving doors of site visitors, search engine results, and ranking adjustments means your post could be seen by new eyes constantly.  With in-depth articles and high-quality imagery, you can continue to attract clicks long after the post goes live.

Evergreen content can drive longterm growth in site traffic.

You may be surprised at how much evergreen content your company generates already. For example, Julie is a nonprofit board member tasked with creating their annual report. In addition to sharing financial information, the board gathers compelling examples of success (and challenges) from the previous year. Often, the annual report is full of rich data that is easy to break down and recycle into online posts.  All she needs are some topical angles to help carve out the right stories and stats.

If you would bookmark it, it’s worth recycling.

I can coach Julie thru multi-purposing that annual report into useful evergreen blog posts that will garner organic site traffic for the coming months (and years). Examples of good evergreen content include:

  • original research conducted by her organization using data from their ongoing activities;
  • statistics that highlight the current circumstances and growth opportunities of her industry;
  • case studies of the good, bad, and the ugly.

I love multi-purposing content so Julie doesn’t have to do the same thing twice in two different places. As frequent dinner party hosts (and guests), my husband and I have a handful of stories we tell a lot. We know they will resonate with our audiences no matter the season.  And they become “memes” among our closest friends, retold from party to party.  That’s the magical organic traffic of evergreen content.

So, what exciting news does your annual or quarterly report celebrate?  If you’re happy to talk about it internally, you might have a story worth sharing online.  And it might make the rounds far longer than you expect.

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For further reading visit https://www.copyblogger.com/evergreen-content/

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