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How is your website working?

Competing Priorities Tend to Clash on the Website

It’s more important than ever to have a great website that connects with prospective students and drives applications and enrollment.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it. In the higher education environment, building a great website is never simple.

  • Admissions is always looking for the next feature that will magically flood them with qualified candidates. (Hint: it doesn’t exist.)
  • The marketing department is always juggling requests from the whole university.
  • Current students come to the website with a completely different set of expectations, but the site is designed for prospective students.

Convert your website into an effective tool.

Our comprehensive plan ensures your university’s digital ecosystem is well-planned, user-friendly, and poised for growth. We’ll guide you through the critical stages of establishing consistency, enhancing user-friendliness, and focusing on growth, much like constructing a vibrant, bustling city.

Months 1-3

Laying the Infrastructure

In this initial phase, we plan your website and lay down the essential infrastructure. We establish communication channels, audit the website, and create a consistent style guide, similar to how urban planners lay out the streets, utilities, and foundational structures of a city.

  • Kickoff Meeting
    Introduce teams, establish communication channels, gather initial documents.
  • Website Audit & Content Review
    Review website and other marketing materials for consistency in styling, content, and user experience.
  • Analytics Setup
    Implement heat mapping and set up Google Analytics.
  • Style and Brand Guide
    Develop or refine the style guide for all digital and print materials.
  • Tool and Vendor Assessment
    Identify and evaluate all tools, CRMs, and third-party vendors.

Months 4-6

Building the Website

During this phase, we focus on constructing key elements of your site and enhancing its effectiveness. We train staff, conduct usability audits, and refine strategies, much like constructing residential and commercial buildings and ensuring they are user-friendly and efficient for the city’s inhabitants.

  • Training and Documentation
    Provide training sessions and create documentation for easy reference.
  • Website Usability & SEO/SEM Audits
    Identify pain points for users and plan necessary updates. Conduct a thorough audit of your paid ads and search engine optimization.
  • Rebuild Strategy
    Prioritize the changes that need to be made to the site. Discuss and plan for a complete website rebuild if needed.
  • Internal & User Feedback
    Gather feedback from university staff and make necessary adjustments. Conduct user testing sessions and implement quick fixes to enhance conversions.

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How This Supports Your School

Our structured plan ensures your university’s digital presence is not only consistent and user-friendly but also strategically poised for growth. By focusing on key areas like admissions and alumni engagement, we help universities attract and retain students, enhance their online reputation, and build a sustainable digital ecosystem.

Months 7-9

Expanding and Thriving

Let’s expand the city and enhance its connectivity. We implement targeted strategies, expand content, and optimize SEO, akin to adding new districts, improving transportation, and ensuring the city thrives by attracting new residents and businesses.

  • Admissions Focus
    Develop targeted strategies for improving admissions content and campaigns.
  • Analytics Review
    Review analytics data and adjust strategies based on insights.
  • Content Expansion
    Create advanced content to attract prospective students.
  • Social Media Strategy
    Enhance social media presence with consistent posting and engagement strategies.
  • SEO Enhancements
    Continue optimizing the website for SEO and focus on keyword optimization and backlink building.
  • Email Marketing
    Develop segmented email marketing campaigns for different audiences.

Months 10-12+

Advanced Growth Strategies

  • Alumni and Advancement
    Develop targeted strategies for alumni engagement and advancement campaigns.
  • Performance Review
    Conduct a thorough performance review of all marketing efforts.
  • Advanced Analytics
    Implement advanced analytics tools for detailed reporting.
  • Content Diversification
    Expand content types to engage different audience segments.
  • Annual Review
    Conduct a comprehensive review of the year’s efforts and outcomes.
  • Future Planning
    Develop a roadmap for the next 12 months and set new goals and KPIs.

“What’s most impressive is their ability to understand our key messaging elements and who we are as a business.”
~ Erin Hedlun, Evangel University
“Chris and the Classic City team have been very responsive, make the effort to understand our customer and business needs, have a structured approach to managing work flow, and they communicate exceptionally well. Great experience—highly recommend!”
~ Bill Yates, Velociteach



This provides your university with a comprehensive digital marketing plan that addresses unique challenges and supports school growth. Having a consistent, user-friendly, and strategically poised website will support your school’s growth. Start today and build a sustainable digital future for your university.

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