AutoZone came to us needing a new blog site built quickly that would allow for updates overtime.


After getting advice from their SEO consultants, AutoZone reached out to us to assist in building a website that was SEO friendly, easily editable, and allowed for growth. They have a team of writers that needed to be able to write and categorize blog posts without technical oversight.



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Needed Featured Content

Their in-house team needed a new website that would help them improve their search ranking. They had a number of content contributors, but hadn't found a way to fully utilize this resource.


Custom WordPress Site

We built them a streamlined blogging experience that allowed writers to drag-and-drop custom blocks that connected with Yoast's core SEO outputs. We built these blocks to improve and add-on to the metadata that Yoast provides by default.

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Unique Challenge

Reverse Proxy Set-up

In order to get the most SEO value, AutoZone wanted the entire website to live as a subdirectory underneath We worked with WP Engine to establish a reverse proxy, which WP Engine doesn't do out of the box. This set-up allowed AutoZone to get the best SEO value out of this site while running on an established WordPress environment.

Design Process

Partnering with AutoZone Team

Initially, when we started this project, they had designs for essential elements. Our team took those designs and their style guide and expanded their vision for additional features on the site. After launch, they wanted a more robust single blog post page. Their web team's time was accounted for and they had us create the initial mockup based on their branding, which kept the project on the preferred timeline. Having worked so closely with their team, we understood their image and were able to get approved designs quickly.

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