Cync Health

Cync Health was in the process of building out their website and found that they needed helping bringing it over the finish line.


Innsena is a branding agency for health care companies. Cync Health needed some help getting their website launch across the finish line. After starting the project in house they needed someone with Elementor expertise to help bring the project to completion



👉🏻 Web Development
👉🏻 WordPress


Template Constraints

Innsena only had four weeks to get this project completed for Cync Health. With an approved design, we had to work with them to bring it to fruition utilizing Elementor's pre-made blocks. Our team strategically reviewed the design and came up with a plan that allowed for an easy user experience using Elementor.


Styling to Stand Out

Our developers styled the default blocks to make pre-existing elements shine. We worked hand-in-hand with their Head of Development to ensure the design met their needs and expectations in keeping the site easily editable and beautiful for the long-term health of the site.

Unique Challenge

Short Timeline

We had to move quickly once we were brought in to make sure that the site went live on time. Immediately after our discovery, we went into development to meet the required deadline.


Happy Client + Long-Term Partnership

This was the first project of a new partnership and it required us to work closely with two teams to make sure that everyone's needs were met. We broke the project into two primary deliverables to be able to properly show progress and provide them time to adjust the scope and budget if needed.

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