Lighten Group

Lighten Group is a threefold team of writers, media specialists, and speakers that creates written blogs, videos, and podcasts.


Lighten Group had the content, but needed a website to aggregate all their different content types into one cohesive platform to reach their audience and promote their speakers.



👉🏻 Web Design
👉🏻 Web Development
👉🏻 WordPress


No Website

The content creators didn't have a centralized place to post their blogs, videos, and podcasts. With a team contributing to the website, the backend needed to be user-friendly so that adding and editing blogs was straight-forward and simple. On the frontend, the content needed to be organized so that it was searchable and filterable for a smooth user-experience.


Custom WordPress Website

WordPress is ideal for a blog website, but we added custom architecture that allowed for better categorization and showcasing of posts. When an author was adding new content to the site, the backend was streamlined so that they were simply filling out a form and then the post was populated from that. This allowed for consistency and ease.

Unique Challenge

Starting from Scratch

Lighten Group was a new ministry and when starting from scratch, it takes a lot of back and forth. We were provided with a detailed brand guide that we took and had to transform into a website that reflected their mission and spoke to their audience.


Beautiful + On Brand Website

We were able to provide them with a beautiful website that reflected their brand, but more importantly, that they are able to keep up to date as new blogs, podcasts, and videos are created. The customized screencast tutorials allowed them to see how their website was set-up and make changes ongoing as they grow and change.

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