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OptUp's previous website had been built by the customer and had been adequate to their needs in the past when the organization had been mostly a side hustle for the founder. Recently, they decided to ramp up their business and engage more potential customers ... and they wanted a professional web presence to help them do that.



👉🏻 Copywriting
👉🏻 Custom Ordering Process
👉🏻 Design
👉🏻 Development


Lack of Web Presence

OptUp serves clients directly while at the same time serving other life coaches and licensed practitioners by connecting them with specific assessments. This meant designing a custom ordering process that allowed coaches and practitioners to place orders for assessments, select the options they want, and provide contact info for each assessment and then purchase. In addition, this process needed to be highly automated to minimize back office administrative time.


Intuitive and Custom Website

We provided a website that clearly communicates all of OptUp's different services along with a custom ordering process that was intuitive and easy-to-navigate on the front end and required minimal administrative time on the back end. In addition, we developed a custom reporting mechanism for OptUp to use with their clients, helping them to visualize their team's assessments.

Unique Challenge

Custom Ordering Process

One of the unique challenges was creating the custom ordering process that allowed for maximum flexibility for front end users (they can choose however many items they want and customize each one) and be able to pay on the spot based on the number of items they selected and the options they chose. Layered with that was OptUp's desire to minimize administrative time once orders were placed, requiring another level of customization.


A Website that Stands Out

In the first month of the new site being launched, OptUp landed a pitch meeting with a significant new potential client while easily responding to complex orders placed by coaches and licensed practitioners.

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