Profitable Purpose Consulting

As an expert in the B Corp world, the founder wanted to build a brand new website to gain visibility, promote, and establish his new consulting firm.


Founded by Nathan Stuck, Profitable Purpose Consulting was established to help businesses become B Corp certified. Not only does Nathan run PPC, but he also teaches an MBA level B Corp class at UGA and is a consistent guest on many podcasts. Nathan wanted to create a site not only to promote his new consulting firm, but to share all of his podcasts as well.



👉🏻 Web Design
👉🏻 Web Development
👉🏻 WordPress


Amateur Website

Profitable Purpose Consulting's only web presence was a one page, simple Squarespace site. Nathan needed a site that looked professional and established, where prospective clients could come to learn more about the services he offered along with more about the B Corp certification process. Nathan also needed a platform where a user could access all of his podcasts in one location.


New Wordpress Theme

Nathan's vision was brought to life by dissolving the amateur Squarespace site into a brand new, up-to-date Wordpress site. The site features custom blocks that are easy to edit and a centralized place to upload and listen to Nathan's podcasts.

Unique Challenge

Brand Positioning

Originally, the site was built on Squarespace with very little content. We had to come up with a design that would portray Nathan not only as an expert in his field, but as a fun and approachable mentor.


Organized Content for Clients.

Prospective clients can easily learn all about the B Corp process, link to the certification, and also get in contact with Nathan directly. They also have a one-stop-shop to listen to all of Nathan's featured podcasts.

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