Slope Software

Slope Software is an actuarial modeling software company that uses a unique visual interface, eliminating the need for non-technical professionals to waste time coding their models manually.


In partnership with GreenMellen, we helped Slope Software, a statistical modeling platform, rebrand themselves to target their audience's concerns, and emerge as a disruptive new leader in their space.



👉🏻 Web Design
👉🏻 Web Development
👉🏻 WordPress


Need to Establish Authority

As an industry newcomer, Slope needed to set itself apart from the "old guard" without losing sight of their decision-making audience. A lot of their competition was dated in their marketing efforts, so we worked to balance the familiar with innovative design trends.


Thoughtful design

We created a website with a visually bold design that showcases their experience and utilizes the branding, while keeping their their product and target audience top of mind.

Unique Challenge

Conference Landing Page

We worked with their marketing team to develop a conference specific landing page that helped them to reach their short term goal of launching their new aesthetic before applying their new brand image to their full website. To accomplish this, we established a subdomain that hosted their single landed page. This allowed them to collect leads at a conference with their updated brand image at the forefront.


2-Phrase Redesign

Our component-based design allowed Slope to build out a 20+ page sitemap that addresses each of their core verticals. By developing with manageability in mind and delivering educational materials about their WordPress build, Slope's marketing has been able to continue creating materials for their growing sales team.

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