Transamerican Auto Parts

A diverse company with several out-of-date websites looking for a custom template to use across all brands.


Transamerican Auto Parts (TAP) has multiple brands that specialize in different divisions of the car parts industry. They came to us needing a website template that could be customized for each brand and would create an improve the user experience from the customer size and be easy to edit by their TAP marketing team.



👉🏻 Application Integration
👉🏻 Web Design
👉🏻 WordPress


Difficult to Edit

Their websites hadn't been updated in years and it wasn't allowing the marketing team to properly showcase products. They wanted to create an experience that allowed them to highlight specific products and categories to help drive users to key pages that would be beneficial.


Custom Template

We created a customized template that can be used across all brands that will create a familiar user-experience for customers and that allows the marketing team to highlight products and categories. The products and data can be imported quickly so team members aren't haven't to update individual elements.

Unique Challenge

Filtering Products

To optimize the user-experience, we worked closely with TAP to make sure that there was a natural way for customers to narrow down thousands of products to view the ones that fit their vehicle. Using Find My Vehicle, customers were about to the categories, subcategories, product groups, and products that would work for their car or truck without having to sift through products that wouldn't work.


Customized Template

We created them a website where content is updated quickly and easily through imports with features that give them the flexibility to highlight products and categories with SEO in mind. As their brands continue to evolve, we work to maintain their websites with them and collaborate on feature improvements to make the best customer experience.

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