Ultra Yield Solutions

A growing business needed an online presence to shed light on their expertise and experience.


Ultra Yield Solutions provides consulting, products, and installation for indoor agriculture facilities, a growing business sector in the U.S. (pun intended). Their combination of expertise within the growing and lighting arenas makes them the ideal partner for growers.



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Not Connecting with Customers

Ultra Yield Solutions needed a web presence that accurately reflected their expertise and experience to better connect with potential customers. In addition, they needed ways to demonstrate their expertise in tangible ways. Finally, they needed some foundational sales and marketing tools they could use to connect with customers both online and in-person.


Informative Website

Through a fresh, simple web design, Ultra Yield significantly upgraded their online presence overall. One of the main solutions included in their new site is a lighting needs calculator that considers the size of the facility, its location and related sunlight expectations, and the latest LED technology. And, we delivered a 1-page sell sheet, business cards, letterhead template, and slide deck templates as well.

Unique Challenge


Ultra Yield Solutions wanted to include a calculator on their site that would allow growers to determine how much artificial light they would need to optimize their growing potential within their facilities. We collaborated with the Ultra Yield team to program an interactive element that incorporated complex calculations and expected sunlight hours by location to deliver a one-of-a-kind tool for their site.


Customer Resource

Our work resulted in a consistent, professional digital presence for both Ultra Yield Solutions and FundLED Upgrade with a unique calculator feature allowing growers to estimate their costs. Together, the websites deliver the strong online presence the Ultra Yield team needed to launch these new brands.

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